If you watch the entirety of this trailer, it’s going to be NSFW, so be warned. But if you just watch the Corey Brewer part (0:45 to 1:02), it’s just a preview for a really terrible movie. A dumbfoundingly amazing cast, but an equally terrible movie. Sure, I’ll accidentally watch it late at night when it’s on HBO but not on purpose.

Good for Corey Brewer though, I guess, for getting that gross out comedy money, early 2000s Clippers style. Somebody has to get yelled at about being black by Terrence Howard, so why not him? Nice credit.

(via Scott Walkinshaw)

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  1. Thank you for promoting this shitty movie

  2. Youre Black ! They’re White !

  3. Is that Jared Dudley on the first row bench in the locker room?

  4. what a horrible movie… its like some rich kid paid all these actors and made a movie just cause he can

  5. Holy shit I can’t believe how bad this looks.. did all these stars sign up for this movie for shits and giggles?

  6. just an FYI, the movie is supposedly just a bunch of shorts, like unrelated scenes, must be why it appears so scattered… so it might not be as bad as you think, with that in mind. it’s hit/miss sketch comedy.

  7. Is Gerard Butler pulling a Gary Oldman (Tiptoes)?

  8. Corey Brewer and Emma Stone in the same movie? Have to admit I never saw that coming.

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