If you’ve got nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon than to learn what it takes to become the world’s most successful Canadian basketball podcasters, then join us at 2:45 pm ET to hear TBJ’s Seven Secrets of Podcasting at this year’s Blogs with Balls conference. See you then.

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  1. Youtube: “This video is not available”

  2. will this be posted after the live conference because the streaming is bad

  3. Yeah I get nothing on the stream. Granted, I’ve never been able to watch anything on youtube live so I doubt it’s a TBJ specific problem.

    Oh well, guess I’ll watch some Krispy Kreme videos.

  4. What is going on with Trey’s hair

    Is it alive

    What is that

  5. If you didn’t catch this, it’ll be available on Tuesday as a podcast.

  6. Hah, I’d forgot sending an e-mail to the score, man I’ve been a TBJ fan much longer than I realised, you guys have become a habit, so I guess that’s a mission accomplished :D

  7. Now I want to hear the Bank Robbery Jones!!!!

  8. Skeets, my english teacher went on a date with your boy mike bibby…just thought I’d let u know

  9. This was incredible. #bonerup

  10. That bloke doing the intros was a hack

  11. good stuff as always. 2nd on the bank robber jones, lol.

  12. Bank robber Jones. We need it.

  13. Guys, you’re just awesome.

    I hope more people keep discovering you and becoming fans. You deserve it.

  14. Every time I see Trey now I can’t help but look at his beard and wonder how recently he’s trimmed it.

  15. holy smokes tas was on fire. elder-statesman-tas is fun too (the moo milk bar took its toll over the summer I guess), but active tas is way more hilarious.

  16. ARE WE YOUR BUDS OR NOT? #bonerup #bankjobjones

  17. Great post, gotta like that your “secrets” in the end don’t actually have to be followed. And by the way The Bank Job Jones #bonerup

  18. Trey is baked as hell ;)

  19. Trey looks heaps like Opie from Sons of Anarchy in this vid. minus the mank long hair.

  20. TBJ coming at you in mono. Free the B(l)ank Jones!

  21. bankjobjones for suuuuuuure!!! #bonerup

  22. I’ve followed you guys from the start and just want to say congratulations for all your success and with that success, still maintaining your style and humor. I’m a diehard Blazer fan and have repeatedly commented on Blazer sites that we should try and steal one of you guys for trailblazer tv….never got a response but I’ll keep trying. I’m not a big Blank Jones fan but have to say the last one was actually pretty good. Looking forward to the upcoming season and I’m still sending hoops fans to your site.

  23. You should have just gone up their and played the Leigh Ellis Jones.

  24. Trey’s got a big ass head. More area to display all that curly bearded mansomeness I guess.

    I am going to miss the hell out of the Blank Jones when actual baskethoops starts.


  25. Great video guys. Very inspiring!!!!!!

  26. Been watching every episode since the video podcast first began, and just wanted to say congrats on where you’ guys are at now! I found it interesting to hear, from your guys’ point of view, that transforming your show into a “habit” for your listeners is something that you thought about (and to think my friends used to call me weird for listening to the same podcast everyday…psh).

    The bankjobjones must be unholy–w’ere not ready for that lol

  27. Why wasn’t Trey drinking a Diet Coke? I fully expected to see that after hearing the body jones

  28. Bank job jonesssss!!!

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