That’s Mo Williams laying in Al Jefferson’s bed — totally normal, don’t worry about it — looking like he’s easily got room for another five Mo Williamses to sleep comfortably in another guy’s bed. No big deal if Mo Williams is a beagle-basset-dachshund mix with the most expressive dog eyebrows in existence, but when you consider he’s listed at 6-foot-1, 195 pounds you realize just how gigantic this bed really is.

Estimating based on the picture, I’d guess the bed is probably 10 feet long by 10 feet wide. That’s WAY bigger than even the biggest of king beds and probably a real bear to get upstairs. Stuffing weighs way more than you’d think.

And since Big Al isn’t that comically tall (6-foot-10 according to official listings but way shorter at the draft combine) or wide, you pretty much just have to deduce that this means that Al Jefferson isn’t much of a cuddler. Either that or he’s started stockpiling supplies for the most epic bedroom fort imaginable. If that’s the case, Troy and Abed are going to be very jealous.

(via Jazz Fanatical)