When I first heard James Johnson was going to wear Brad Miller’s historic No. 52 for the Sacramento Kings, my first thought was “Ummmm…” since James Johnson is one of my all-time least favorite Bulls and Brad Miller is, as everyone on the internet knows, one of my all-time most favorite humans. Then, when Jimmy Johns came out saying he was wearing the ol’ 5-2 for Big Brad I completely changed my mind. Good for you, James Johnson. Way to be smart about number choices.

All that happened this summer though, which means training camp is the first time anyone has had a chance to ask Johnson about his relationship with the NBA’s premier camouflage ambassador. Cowbell Kingdom, a Kings blog, did just that and the answer was as perfect as you can imagine.

Johnson asked Miller for his blessing to wear 52. However, the 25-year-old forward hasn’t asked the former Kings big man, an avid outdoorsman, to take him hunting yet.

“He always sends me pictures,” said Johnson with a smile. “I heard he just got a 7-foot bear just the other day. So, I don’t know if I’m going that extreme. I don’t if I’m that extreme yet – maybe a couple ducks or squirrels (first).”

Imagine you are sitting there building a virtual Jurassic Park on your phone, when all of the sudden a text message from Brad Miller pops up at the top of the screen. You click over and there is Brad Miller, grinning widely while sitting next to a dead alligator or giant bear or some other creature that he just gunned down. That is legitimately James Johnson’s life and he seems pretty happy about it even though I think we can all agree that the first time you get sent a picture of a dead animal out of nowhere is probably a little strange.

That being said, if Brad Miller is sending you anything, it’s probably pictures of recent kills, so you might as well get used to it. Someone should let Nikola Pekovic know though, or else he’s in for quite the surprise.

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  1. Brad Miller strikes me as the kind of person that despite this being the year 2012 would still carry around a flip phone.


    Is Jimmy Johns REALLY better than a Quizno’s or a Jersey Mike’s?

  3. by kills i thought you meant girlds hes slept with. dont get my hopes up like that!

  4. You need an app on your phone to count the number of brad miller stories this year just like the soda one…

  5. why go out and shoot animals, when we americans can start wars and shoot real people..now that would be way more fun, wouldn´t it? I bet that son of a farmer brad miller isn´t even eating anything he kills – he kills for the fun of it like any huntsman – they all ought to be shot themselves imho

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