Yes, we’re still bored as hell.

Welcome to The [BLANK] Jones …

On today’s show, Skeets, Tas, and Trey¬†share their “7 Secrets of Podcasting” from the Blogs With Balls conference in Toronto. Find out the story of the Jones, how the show became successful, and what drunk-dialing, robots, the Muppets, and smoking Spaniards have to do with making a great podcast. Plus, the debut of the world’s most powerful hashtag.

Stay tuned for the final [BLANK] Jones this Thursday!


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  1. Ah, already heard this one. Was hoping today’s would be about the conference, stuff that went on. I’ll look forward to the last one on Thursday.

  2. This was fantastic, thanks for posting this up — I was unable to go to BWB5, but wanted to be there for this.

  3. Speaking of the importance of doing things that make you feel uncomfortable, what happened to those off season Book Off Payoffs?

  4. Great Great stuff guys

  5. This was really cool talk. I think a lot of what you guys say can apply to other fields as well. If you want to be a professional band, look professional, get your shit printed on nice materials and designed by someone with real skills not some cousin who paints houses on the side.

    Being reliable is huge also, when you were staring out and I was bored at work it was a staple that every day I could burn 12 minutes listening to you guys. Again that can apply to anything, if you’re gonna do something to promote your project/business and say you are going to deliver at regular intervals, you better be prepared to deliver at those times otherwise people will not only forget about you, they will lose trust as well.

    Side note…. idea for a ______ Jones…. The Future Jones… what will the next decade, century, millennium be like for sports, fashion, food etc… What technological advances are you eagerly anticipating…which ones do you fear?

  6. Is there any place where I can listen to early episodes of the Jones? (The ones before you guys joined the Score, which seem to be the ones on iTunes)

  7. The ‘Whoa!’ reaction from hearing about having a BJ Army was hilarious.

  8. In between the last “Blank” Jones of the year and the beginning of the season, can you guys please post the “Bank Job” Jones?

    • Definitely want to hear the Bank Job Jones.

      It reminds me of another suggestion I had: The Outtakes Jones. There must be hours of recordings of people stuffing up intros, weird tangents that went on far too long, etc. Would be hilarious.

  9. I appreciate what you guys said about maintaining production values and always having a good-sounding podcast. Now can someone explain why the Jalen Rose podcast invariably sounds like shit? Is it because David Jacoby doesn’t know how to operate a computer? Not a show goes by that isn’t distorted or filled with microphone pops or in which Jacoby doesn’t speak too much (he is their worst audio problem). Why is the Jones on top of this, whereas Grantland, which presumably has more cash, can’t figure it out?

  10. Really appreciated this show and all the thought and work you guys have put into the show. Definitely agree (at least from my perspective) that those secrets matter to listeners. The first episode I watched was the first “People’s Dunk Contest” and I’ve watched every episode since because for a number of reasons including that you put out a reliable show (I’m glad you guys gave JD credit in the show) and are candid about ball and life. Early on as a fan, I sent an email to the show and received a personal email back from Tas. In media where dedicated viewers are often isolated from the people they watch, this was certainly something that left a lasting impact on me/made me part of the devoted community (along with emails/tweets read on the show). This community feel with other viewers between tweets, the fact that you guys comment on episodes/Trey’s blog makes viewers feel connected to the show’s success and proud to be a fan (bombard the Score with emails). I think all the fans are glad that you worked through the early years. Best of luck going forward, keep up the two-towel performances.

  11. It’s true that getting on another website really helps. I listened because you had Matt Watson of on and when I listened I ended up listening to your old stuff and I don’t think I’ve missed many episodes since your second season because of it

  12. Just listening to the podcast now. Got to the part where Tas says, ‘We allow our human side to come out because people humans–they don’t like robots.’

    Boy, did this ever make me laugh.

    I’m not sure if tbj is looking to branch into even more mediums but you could definitely fill a book with Tas’ bon mots.

  13. I listened to this after downloading it from iTunes having no clue it was recorded before a live audience. I definitely thought you guys decided to add a laugh track which I found hilarious.

  14. Great stuff…

    Just out of curiosity, how does a show like this actually get monetized? I don’t see any ads anywhere, and I love that there are no ads.

  15. I always thought of Phil…I mean Skeets, as more of the Kermit type and not Beaker.

    And if I further extend this line of thought/analogy does that make Bill Simmons Elmo?

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