Now imagine he sent this to your phone. “Hey bud, shot a 7-foot-3 bear today. Callin him Bearvydas Sabonis. Check it out.” Yikes.

(via CBOTV/Cowbell Kingdom)

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  1. Way to go, hillbilly.

  2. Worst kind of human being.

  3. Seems like a fair fight to me. Oh, wait. You said shot. My bad.

  4. Yeah, I don’t want to go all PETA on you but I’m not really feeling this post. The picture is definitely no a good look.

  5. Neither condoning or condemning here. Just letting everyone know what Brad Miller is up to and following up on a story.

  6. Not really a story, just a gross injustice to an unassuming and unwilling participant in a disgusting ‘sport’. Clean up your act.

  7. Horrible. It’s insulting really to call this ‘sport.’

  8. Meh, not a fan of hunting and complacent to BM but any flack for Trey is just dumb.

  9. Not a fan of hunting myself, but I don’t see why people get so worked up over it. If you eat meat then shut up.

    • Dude you eat bear meat?

      • who decides what animal is worthy enough not to be hunted. Does a pig not breath, live, and feel? Either you are against it or not, cant be selective, no shades of grey.

        • Fair point, there is hypocrisy here, but the problem is Miller’s smug look of accomplishment, as if he did something difficult or “manly.” People eat meat becuase humans are naturally built to eat, chew and digest it, or because they need it for nourishment, you know, to not die. Others, like Miller, kill for shits and giggles, with high powered scopes no less, which any five year old with a functioning pointer finger can do.

          • Humans are not “naturally meant to eat meat.” Do you see anybody killing animals and just eating them raw in their “natural” form? No, because that would be disgusting. Humankind needs to take the extra “unnatural” step of cooking meat in order to eat it. Animals were “naturally” meant to eat animals while humans are not. We can easily survive off the actual natural food produced by the earth, e.g. nuts, fruits, vegetables, beans, etc.

  10. Where was all the outrage at the “Brad Miller and Jared Jeffries shoot a gator” post? Oh wait, it’s only bad if it’s a cute bear

  11. hope he’ll die soon, preferably by an animal bite.

  12. Is that two brad miller stories already this season? Brad may not be playing but he’ll always be in our hearts….

  13. Stick on turkeys, Brad.

  14. I don’t like Brad Miller any more.

  15. That bear looks sad

  16. Not cool miller. What did that bear do to you? Nothing. I hope next time you go hunting a bear rips you apart. My respect for you has gone.

  17. This post is un-bearleavable. /runsaway

  18. didn’t know tbj attracted so many pussies, also literally lold at above comment

  19. Yeah, photos of guys smiling next to dead bears aren’t the greatest. Didn’t like it when it was David Booth still don’t like it when it’s Brad Miller.

    Dead crocs, on the other hand? Knock yourself out Brad kill as many crocodiles as your heart desires.

  20. hope you’re all vegans otherwise you’re a bunch of hypocrites.

    • So Brad’s killing bears for food?

    • Yep, I’m a vegan and I don’t approve of this at all, but that’s to be expected. Also, not hating on hypocrites, just hoping you all think about how you felt with this pic next time you make a food choice.

      • Last time I checked hunters kill bears for trophies, not for food. I’m not a vegetarian or a vegan and I have no problem for hunters who hunt for food. You feel like eating venison? Go out and shoot a deer? Feel like eating duck, go out and shoot a duck. But bear. I can guarantee you Brad did not kill this bear because he was hungry for bear.

        I really don’t think I’m splitting hairs here either. There is a huge difference between killing for trophies and killing for food. Killing something just for the sake of killing it is morally repugnant, while the second should be morally palatable for anyone who has mad the decided that it is okay to eat meat.

        Now, I’m all for moral indignation, but if you’re going to be indignant please also be precise.

        • ‘Now, I’m all for moral indignation, but if you’re going to be indignant please also be precise.’

          Says the man who cannot type a sentence without at least one typo or misspelling.

  21. I’m a vegetarian but I eat egg whites. But bears don’t lay eggs. I wouldn’t hunt anything but I do cook wings for my Super Bowl party, but I’ve never tasted them. So yeah. I don’t like hunting but shoutout to Trey Kerby.

  22. Ur posts are hilarious trey

  23. thats sad

    i hope brad does find a new hobby

  24. I got no problem with hunting, as long as it’s with a knife or bare hands. Hell, make a bow and arrow and shoot it if you got that skill. Using what seems to be a highly advanced rifle with a sophisticated scope to shoot an unsuspecting animal from 200 yards strikes me as cowardly.

    • Just shows how ignorant you are about the entire topic. You couldn’t make the shot you just described. Hunting is much more difficult than you think. 9/10 you don’t even shoot your gun.

  25. Where’s peta and their protests and all the media coverage over this? Imagine what would have happened if that was Michael Vick,

    • The difference between this and the Michael Vick scenario was that dog fighting is illegal and hunting bears is not….

      • Both of them did something cruel to animals for fun. The law doesn’t make either of them better or worse than the other. It’s legal to smoke cigarette but not to smoke weed. It doesn’t make smoking cigaretter good for your health. Laws is to regulate but not to judge.

  26. Bear hunting isn’t cool man. It’s not food.

  27. i’ve never hunted a day in my life, but i’m 100% fine with people hunting any animals legally

  28. Have any of you ever hunted before? I doubt you could even fire a gun straight let alone actually hunt a bear. Bunch of wannabe Rambos on here thinking its so easy. Bear hunting, like all hunting in the United States, is highly regulated and a viable option for population control, a way of dealing with problem animals, and yes, for food as well. All hunters I know do eat the meat of the animals they kill. The amount of permits given per hunting season goes up and down depending on the population of the hunted animal and the other animals in its own ecosystem. There are huge fines and extremely stiff penalties for illegal hunting, including jail time. Hunting is a legal endeavor that humans have been doing forever. Shoot, all the hunters I know treat nature and wildlife with 10x more respect than the general population. The amount of outrage on this post is laughable.

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