Trick question, I know, since Alexis Ajinca isn’t even technically in the NBA, having played overseas since the lockout. However, according to the first official 2K Sports roster update of NBA 2K13, he’s both a free agent and tied for the worst player possible in the league. Maybe don’t pick him up in your fake electronic video game season then, nerd.

Thanks to a video breakdown of the update by Operation Sports, we got a chance to look at the very worst the NBA has to offer, which is almost a complete reboot of last season’s most atrocious players. After variously tabbing Jason Collins, Brian Scalabrine and Byron Mullens as the league’s worst for last season, this year we get a whole bunch of guys who are way worse than those dudes — your Jarron Collinses, your DJ Mbengas, your Alexis Ajincas. You know, guys who are going to struggle to even make teams, let alone get occasional to heavy minutes like the worst from last year.

Of course, when you consider that Ajinca was a Bobcats draft pick during Michael Jordan’s tenure as Managing Member of Basketball Operations, it kind of makes sense that he’d be one of the worst players in the game, if not the very worst. But at least he’s in the game, unlike another Jordan draft pick — the Trail Blazers’ Adam “Ready to Retire” Morrison — who didn’t even get virtualized this season. Being a 43 overall is better than nothing. Barely.

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  1. Haha Alexis Ajinca plays in my city! This year, Vincent Collet (Strasbourg IG – Ajinca’s team – also coach of our national team) expects him to “have an MVP season”. He was disappointing (surprise!) last year.

    Right now his whole game can be described as “being tall”. 43 is generous.

  2. He was on the Raptors last year and missed more shots in warm-ups than I’ve ever seen of an NBA player.

    • That’s when you know you’re bad. I remember Chris Mihm with the Lakers draining literally every single shot in warmups. And I saw Scalabrine do a 360 dunk last year.. serious.

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