As far as Oklahoma City “Thudner” jerseys go, this is BY FAR the best we’ve seen. Simple, classic but still a little bit new. With these cool navy blue jerseys, the Thudner should have a long and storied history in OKC.

As far as Oklahoma City Thunder jerseys go, these are OK. Better than the Spurs’ alternate uniforms, but forgoing a plain grey jersey instantly put the Thunder ahead, so that’s not much of an accomplishment. So they’re not the worst alternate jersey in the league — that’s probably still those garbage Suns orange ones — but are they anywhere near the best? Nope. In fact, UniWatch’s Paul Lukas sums up my feelings pretty well.

I like old-school templates, but this one makes no sense for this team. No gold, no orange, nothing to connect it to the rest of the team’s identity system. Very odd choice, and a bad one.

Hear, hear. Besides the fact that the NBA 2K13 version literally says “Thudner,” do these say Thunder at all to you? Did you even realize navy blue was one of the Thunder’s colors? (It is, as a very minor color in their logo.) Outside of the font, which still isn’t great, these are pretty generic even though there’s nothing like them in the NBA, if that makes sense. Basically, any NBA team that wanted a navy blue jersey could have these and it wouldn’t look any different.

Maybe they’ll look great on court and I’m sure Nike will cook up some amazing navy shoes for Kevin Durant — plus, I’m pretty sure the actual NBA will spell the team’s name correctly — but these are just fine. A screencap of the shorts after the jump. Let’s hear what you think in the comments.

(via Daily Thunder/images via Operation Sports)

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  1. I was really thinking that when the Thunder debuted an alternate uniform, it would be the same template as now, only all orange. And instead of “Oklahoma City” on it across the chest, it would just have the “OKC” logo that appears on their logo.

  2. Not terrible, just bland. I like the idea of a throwback style though.

  3. I remember that everyone laughed when the logo was reveled and now the logo is loved. While I would definitely prefer the Thunder Orange over Navy, I LOVE these. I guess if they would have done it in green and yellow I would have thought it even better. Thunder Up! OKC

  4. yeah, what the NBA really needed was another team with navy blue jerseys. These are horrible and boring, and not even in the team colors.

    Definitely worse than the Spurs’ alt. At least no other team has gray jerseys, and they have a logo on theirs. These are plain ass blue and white with arial font. Tied with Brooklyn for last.

  5. Make the stripes orange maybe?

  6. The Thunder owners are OU fans therefore they avoid using Thunder orange because orange means Oklahoma State Cowboys ’round here.

  7. OKC should use real throwbacks as an alternate jersey. How bout some Sonic jerseys? The Lakers use their minniapolis jerseys once every few years, the kings ocationally wear their St Louis jerseys, so why couldn’t the thunder wear their Seattle Unis

    • On second thought, Seattle’s suicide rate is already really high. Seeing KD, Westbrook, and Harden in Sonic jerseys wouldn’t make it any better…

    • They can’t legally wear sonics jerseys. It’s part of the way they got out of the lease.

  8. Thudner >>>>>>> .

  9. #GOTHUDNER or #BringbackSnoics

  10. “As fas as Oklahoma City Thunder” … you cant misspell “far” trolling someone on spelling… blogs with balls got to your head, Trey.

  11. If only Dre Balchte played for the Thudner

  12. Good God.

    These aren’t terrible, as much as they look hurried/unfinished. I’d like to see a retro-themed updated logo first, perhaps something with a cloud and thunderbolt on it. Then, a jersey to follow suite. These just make no sense to me, other than ownership seeing a window to sell a few more jerseys.

    Also, Trey, I gotta disagree on the Suns orange unis. I prefer them over the purple ones. They look slightly better, but still a design disaster.

    Like you, I’m a graphic designer as well, and I can already see how those jerseys came to be.

    Owner standing over the should of the designer: “Now….how about we add an oval behind the jersey number, just to see what it would look like?….Looks good. Now how about we add…….GRAY!”

  13. Senseless. As if it was patterned after an old Oklahoma City team from the ABA but it’s not. Trying hard to look retro.

  14. Ignoring the spelling mistakes, I think these look pretty slick. It’s essentially a new team in OKC. Why should they be tied to their inaugural logo and uniforms? Again, what’s wrong with trying something different? Teams add and drop colours from their palettes all the time — and the best way to see what works is to debut it with an alternate jersey here of there.

    Personally, I don’t like OKC’s home & away kit. They are cluttered with writing and have too much going on. I love the team, the players, the fans etc… just have no love for the unis. Hence I don’t have one in my wardrobe. These alternate jerseys are understated throwbacks with a classy colour scheme. I’d buy a Durant jersey like this… provided it said Thunder.

    I have to admit liking the spurs alternate jersey also. Something new from something old… without trying to do to much. So maybe I have bad taste… But so long as teams are incorporating more 70′s/80′s retro patterning into new uniforms I’m happy.

  15. These are a 1000% upgrade for the Thunder. They remind me a little of the new Cavs retro jerseys. The Thunder are top 3 ugly jerseys in the league, these are at least better.

  16. Maybe a simple enough upgrade:


  17. This will not be a Russ Westbrook jersey I will buy. However, big shoutout to Russ. He let’s me call him that. On that note go Lakers!

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