As far as Oklahoma City “Thudner” jerseys go, this is BY FAR the best we’ve seen. Simple, classic but still a little bit new. With these cool navy blue jerseys, the Thudner should have a long and storied history in OKC.

As far as Oklahoma City Thunder jerseys go, these are OK. Better than the Spurs’ alternate uniforms, but forgoing a plain grey jersey instantly put the Thunder ahead, so that’s not much of an accomplishment. So they’re not the worst alternate jersey in the league — that’s probably still those garbage Suns orange ones — but are they anywhere near the best? Nope. In fact, UniWatch’s Paul Lukas sums up my feelings pretty well.

I like old-school templates, but this one makes no sense for this team. No gold, no orange, nothing to connect it to the rest of the team’s identity system. Very odd choice, and a bad one.

Hear, hear. Besides the fact that the NBA 2K13 version literally says “Thudner,” do these say Thunder at all to you? Did you even realize navy blue was one of the Thunder’s colors? (It is, as a very minor color in their logo.) Outside of the font, which still isn’t great, these are pretty generic even though there’s nothing like them in the NBA, if that makes sense. Basically, any NBA team that wanted a navy blue jersey could have these and it wouldn’t look any different.

Maybe they’ll look great on court and I’m sure Nike will cook up some amazing navy shoes for Kevin Durant — plus, I’m pretty sure the actual NBA will spell the team’s name correctly — but these are just fine. A screencap of the shorts after the jump. Let’s hear what you think in the comments.

(via Daily Thunder/images via Operation Sports)