Per NBA blogging bylaw 15.1.6, all foreign NBA players must be compared to other foreign players when trying to figure out their playing styles. As such, new Spurs signee Nando De Colo must be compared to a fellow European or some other nationality that isn’t American. These are the rules.

One possible comparison is Manu Ginobili, a creative guard with passing skills. However, according to Gregg Popovich, this isn’t the case. From Spurs Nation:

Nando De Colo another Manu Ginobili? It’s enough to give coach Gregg Popovich nightmares.

“I remember in a timeout Pop joking,” point guard Tony Parker said. “ ‘I have one Manu. I don’t need two.’ ” [...]

Likewise, [De Colo] has grown a little sheepish of the Ginobili comparisons, which he — and most everyone else associated with the team — admit are premature.

“He’s not another Manu Ginobili,” Popovich said.

Then again, Gregg Popovich is kind of saying he is, as all jokes contain a hint of truth.

The nickname Popovich has been using on De Colo this week, perhaps with some tongue in cheek, hints otherwise.

“Pop calls me Mini-Manu,” De Colo said.

There you have it — Nando De Colo is NOT another Manu Ginobili. He is just a miniature version of Manu Ginobili who has been cloned from the full-sized Manu Ginobili, at least if you are keeping with the inscrutable science from “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.”

This clears absolutely nothing up, but we should continue tracking Gregg Popovich’s verbiage with regards to this comparison. If he lets slip a “Nandu Decobili” during a press conference, we’ll know how he really feels.