We’re still a bit bored.

Welcome to The [BLANK] Jones …

On today’s show, The Basketball Jones go through more of your good ideas on the final [BLANK] Jones of the season. Is fighting a necessary part of being a man? What’s the line between being a practical joker and being a dick? Which qualities should you look for in a roommate? All that, plus INXS, dumpster diving, magazine subscriptions, and the important differences between “Face/Off” and “Freaky Friday.”


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Comments (34)

  1. Last one? Nineteen days until the season starts.

  2. Oh, pre-season shows. My fault.

  3. I’m gonna miss [BLANK] Jones! Totally made the Post-Olympics – Pre-NFL period bearable.

  4. Thank you kind gentlemen

  5. NO MORE OSTEN!!!!



  6. Nice final book report from MattyO. A shame to end the series without Skeets. One more? Finally decided that “more JD” is the appropriate choice, but why’d he leave us hanging with that fight story?

  7. Release the photo Matty O!

  8. Sad to see the Blank Jones go, it has kept my lunchhours entertaining over the summer. But I am looking forward to some Raptors news soon. Quality hosting job Matty O.

  9. Also, after listening to all of them, I would have to say The Parenting Jones was one of the best. Not that I have kids, or that I am planning on having kids in the near future, nor was it the most funny, but it was the one I found myself talking about the most after listening.

  10. I am listening to this episode IN A LIBRARY! Crazy!

  11. Skeets just tweeted!

  12. I hope “Tas, why are you trying to blow me?” becomes a drop for future use.

  13. any date next week for the preview pods, plus any news if you’re back on espn grantland newtwork?

  14. will the daily episodes be audio or video?

  15. Naked with the yellow glove, that’s a fight club reference.

  16. Roommates, you guys forgot the ultimate rule. Don’t find roommates with friends that never leave your couch or kitchen…basically homeless unexpected roommates who don’t pay rent or bills! At our library you can check out laptops, kindles, ukeleles, tons of stuff..the library is evolving and if you’re single you can find actually literate women there. Best training for self defense…learn to run really, really fast and if not be really good with a baseball bat. I’m so ready for basketball talk again although I know that that photo of Matt you talked about will now end up in that gay bar in London

  17. Listening to Leigh’s opening story literally had me LOLing on the treadmill. I’m pretty sure everybody thought I was going crazy. Great podcast guys.

  18. Going miss listening to the BLANK Jones,
    but also really going to miss Matt Osten hosting.

  19. Good show.

    But it’s actually the Gracie family, not just brothers. There are like a trillion of them.


    Royler Gracie is actually in town for a seminar this weekend if you need some pointers.

  20. The [BLANK] Jones is dead. Long live The [BLANK] Jones.

  21. taking someones life for the day – gotta be orlando bloom. just spend 24 hours nailing miranda kerr.

  22. Being someone for a day…easy, Bill Gates. I would immediately as Bill Gates donate a small fortune to my real self and after being him for a day would return to a life of luxury as myself

  23. fix your audio players for all the blank jones their broken

  24. Was someones good idea to pull a prank on listeners by making “The Good Ideas II Jones” the same as “The Good Ideas Jones?”

  25. I never know this beferoe. How did it happen so dramatic?

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