Kyrylo Fesenko isn’t the worst backup center an NBA team could have. He’s a big, fairly agile defense-first kind of dude who won’t kill you if you need five minutes off the bench. If he’s your favorite team’s third center, you aren’t complaining.

Especially because he’s great at jokes. Whether it’s dancing or being hilariously big for Disney World rides or dancing, you can count on some solid laughs from the big man. And really, when it comes to third-string centers, you can’t ask for much more than some giggles and a few minutes here or there.

Good news then for Bulls fans, because Kyrylo Fesenko is both committed to making the Bulls and to staying hilarious. From the Chicago Tribune:

After five mostly nondescript seasons with the Jazz and Pacers in which he became known as much for his humorous locker room presence as his on-court contributions, Fesenko is getting serious.

Well, at least in the moments he isn’t sticking his hairbrush into the phalanx of microphones surrounding Kirk Hinrich after a recent game.

“Don’t get me wrong: I will never, ever stop joking. That’s who I am,” Fesenko said. “But now, I just understand more when to joke. When it’s time to do hard work and when it’s time to have fun.

“In that case, I really adore Coach Thibs (Tom Thibodeau). He’s really hard on us. But when we have a water break, he’s OK to crack a couple of jokes. It’s pretty cool. I’m watching him and trying to absorb everything I can. A defensive-minded player and a defensive-minded coach, what could be better for me?”

First things first — Tom Thibodeau is OK with jokes and maybe even occasionally makes his own jokes? This is a mind-blowing revelation. From here on out, we live in a world where we’re aware of Tom Thibodeau jokes. Feels pretty weird.

Second things second — I think we should all applaud Kyrylo Fesenko for his dedication to NBA comedy. Not only does it make my job easier, which I very much appreciate, it’s also probably better for a team to have a jokester around. You don’t want to take it too far, Wizards style, but as long as there is a guy around to keep things light and Instagram pictures of his teammates sleeping, that has to help. It’s a long, long season and laughter is the best medicine, so I think it’s fair to say that science has proven that keeping a good chemistry guy in the locker room is a definite benefit.

Now let’s just hope the Bulls can figure out a way to make it so they can actually sign Big Fes, since they’re currently hard-capped and cannot take on any salary because of how they handled this offseason. There’s a Scalabrine-sized hole in the Bulls roster and they could use some jokes to fill it up. Seems like a natural fit.

(via BDL)