No matter what they were like in college, it’s still pretty hard to figure out what kind of NBA player a rookie is going to be like. For instance, back in his DePaul days, Quentin Richardson was a tweener forward who averaged 10 rebounds a game. Now he’s a three-point specialist two guard who fights Paul Pierce all the time. Probably wouldn’t have guessed that back at the turn of the Willenium.

But these guys have to do what they can to get by, even if it means changing up their game like they would have never imagined. To those ends, Thomas Robinson of the Sacramento Kings has figured out what he’s going to make his trademark in the league. From Cowbell Kingdom:

“I think that’s my whole job – to annoy the other guy to the point that he just doesn’t want to check me no more,” the rookie forward said following practice.

He doesn’t get distracted when opposing players voice their frustration with his style of play.  The Kansas forward says he just continues to play his game.

“It’s really not my job to care what they think or say,” Robinson said stoically. “That’s something they gotta deal with.”

Hey, being super annoying worked for Eddie House for a while. Joakim Noah and Anderson Varejao too. It’s weird to say, but being annoying is a legitimate skill in the NBA.

And not just on court either. If Thomas Robinson starts punctuating every dunk with “Did I do that?” and then hiking his shorts up, that’s a pretty solid branding approach. With nerd glasses being the go-to NBA accessory, really carving out a niche as THE annoying nerd of the league could be smart. If he’s going to be annoying on purpose, might as well make some money off it.

(via Sactown Royalty)