Sometimes, when a player switches teams, there’s a bit of a feeling out period where the fan base and the player are trying to adjust to each other and find out whether they’re going to be friends or not. Every fan base is different and every player handles the spotlight different, so it can take some time to figure that out.

Or, if you’re Jason Terry, you just dive right in and make yourself a fan favorite instantly, just by hating the same teams your fans hate. From Terry’s blog on ESPN:

It didn’t take me long to embrace being a Celtic. I hate whoever they hate. The Lakers are number one up there and the Heat aren’t too far behind. Doc tells us every day to think about the Heat. Not only does he tell us, but the film plays over and over if you go to the practice facility. Before practice and after practice, that series [2012 Eastern Conference Finals] is playing over and over on the television. We start off the season against them (Oct. 30 in Miami). Obviously the road to the championship goes through the champions and that’s the Miami Heat. I take it on. I take it on personally.

That’s how you make fans, people. Your team’s fans hate the Lakers? You hate the Lakers. They also hate the Heat? You also hate the Heat. It’s that easy. There are few greater bonds than that of a shared hatred. It’s where that “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” saying comes from, and that’s a pretty smart saying. It might even be a proverb, so you know it’s legit.

It’s just lucky that Jason Terry comes from a team who was already conditioned to hating both the Lakers and Heat, so that this this can be an easy adjustment for him. Because between this, learning how to speak with a Boston accent, getting a bunch of random Bostonians’ autographs and pledging to murder these two teams he is committed to hating, Jason Terry is going to be a Boston favorite the second he checks in for his first regular season game. All he needs now is to get a pair of Nantucket Reds and he’ll be a regular Ben Affleck.

(via PBT)