When news broke that Russell Westbrook was set to be the newest member of Jordan Brand, the joke went “Are they going to make glasses for him too?” or something along those lines. You see (spectacles pun), Russell Westbrook is nearly as famous for wearing glasses during press conferences when he doesn’t need them as he is for being great at basketball.

Sometimes jokes come true, because yes, Jordan Brand IS making Russell Westbrook some signature glasses.

They’re a collaboration with 9FIVE Frames, and they seem pretty cool, though this is coming from a guy who doesn’t need any sort of vision correction even though his mom is convinced he needs to go to the eye doctor despite the fact they always find that his sight is exactly how it should be. The collection ranges from modified Ray-Ban Wayfarer to modified Ray-Ban Clubmaster, and the arms of every frame are emblazoned with “RW-LTD. Edition” on the inside and the Jumpman and 9FIVE logos on the outside. Curiously, the lenses are present in all of these, though I’m sure that’s just a temporary thing.

There’s no word as to whether or not these will be available for purchase, though they’re being called “player exclusive” on the 9FIVE website, which leads me to believe they’re going to Russell Westbrook’s house and nowhere else. Which is too bad, really, as I can see some unnecessary Westbrook-branded frames doing well at retail. At the very least, I’m sure they’re going to make Dwyane Wade — who recently left Jordan Brand and never had his own signature glasses despite trying to “shut down” the glasses game — very, very jealous. Just another chapter in the storied Thunder-Heat rivalry.

More pics after the jump.

(via Nice Kicks)