It went down in the Barclays Center last night, with Deron Williams and A.J. Price pretending like they wanted to fight right at the end of the Nets’ first game in their new Brooklyn home. But it’s kind of hard to tell what really went on besides some sarcastic smiling and the legitimately shocking fact that Andray Blatche stepped out on a pick-and-roll. Lucky for us, Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski has the breakdown.

Between Williams checking back into the game and the final buzzer, Johnson had invited the trouble of Washington guard A.J. Price, a native son of New York’s Long Island who bumped Williams on a breakaway drive to the basket and pushed into Williams’ mug declaring, “I’M HOME… I’M HOME…”

Williams rolled his eyes, laughed and blurted back to Price something that Nets general manager Billy King had worked so relentlessly to hear Williams declare within Barclays: “This is my home now.”

After a 98-88 victory over the Wizards was done, Williams sniffed some Brooklyn attitude about the journeyman guard trying to mess with him. “He had some boys in the crowd he wanted to impress while he still can, in the little minutes he’s going to get this year,” Williams said.

If the Nets’ move somehow turns all of their players in to stereotypical New Yorkers who swagger through games with a serious “I’m walkin’ here!” sort of confidence, I think we can all agree that that would be awesome. Sure, being in Brooklyn would make you think they all turn in to artsy weirdos, but between Amar’e Stoudemire, Tyson Chandler’s pilgrim renaissance and J.R. Smith, the Knicks kind of already have that covered.

There is a definite market for 80′s movie New Yorkness and it would be great if the Nets could fill it. Deron Williams’ A.J. Price zinger is a perfect start, but we’ll truly know the Nets are up to the challenge if Rudy Giuliani starts complaining about all the broken windows at the Barclays Center.