I’m not sure what is the most amazing thing about these “NBA Inside Stuff” compilations put together by Oakley and Allen — how vividly I remember these highlights, how many of the players featured are now television personalities or how dorky these guys are. What a show. Miss you, “NBA Inside Stuff.”

Also, Michael Jordan hit a guy in the face with a golf club. Part two after the jump.

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  1. 90′s basketball.. good times

  2. I love how perfect the Pt. II still image is. Bo Loves Summer.

  3. Thank you, this made my day. Good memories.

  4. Just awesome. We were laughing when Mc Gee ran back in defense too soon but Shawn Marion running to wrong way and nearly scoring in his own basket is priceless. And it’s just one from many…

  5. 85% from the free throw line? LOL. Could’ve wished for something better.

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