Ever since it entered the league, we’ve known that JaVale McGee’s backpack has the potential to be one of the best backpacks in the NBA. His backpack is athletic and comes from a storied line of backpacks that were once WNBA backpacks or NBA backpack draft picks. Truth be told, JaVale McGee’s backpack should be better than it is.

At times, JaVale McGee’s backpack has gotten a bad rap as unfocused and not committed to learning what it takes to carrying the stuff an NBA player needs every night. But really, it’s just misunderstood. And finally someone in Denver was able to understand what JaVale McGee’s backpack is all about. From ESPN’s wonderful profile on JaVale McGee and his Elmo backpack:

He still does curious things, like when he plunked down 30 bucks for a red furry plush Elmo backpack that’s been practically attached to his back ever since, and for which he’s received constant ribbing from friends and strangers alike. Recently, as he and Elmo were walking out of the 16th Street Noodles & Company, a woman stopped him. “It’s ironic that you’re so big and you have this little kid’s backpack,” she said. To which McGee responded, “Finally … someone gets it!”

Let’s hope this is they year JaVale McGee’s backpack finally gets a fair shake. George Karl has been known to get the most out of his teams’ backpacks, and getting a fresh start is always good for a piece of luggage, so being in Denver could be huge for Elmo, provided he adjusts to the altitude. At the very least, let’s hope JaVale McGee’s backpack starts to live up to that big zipper extension it signed in the offseason. 44 extra teeth is a lot for anyone to comprehend, least of all a three and a half year old stuffed creature.