Growing up, the strangest material I had on a pair of shoes was some denim on a pair of University of Kentucky Cons Blues. That being said, I never won an NBA title, so that’s probably why I never had the cork hookup that LeBron James is getting.

What you see up there is the latest iteration of the Nike LeBron X and it has a genuine cork upper that’s inspired by the champagne bottles that Chris Bosh was popping and then pouring on his own face after last season’s championship. Or maybe just champagne bottles in general, as Chris Bosh would be a strange inspiration for a LeBron James shoe, even though a tongue that darts around like Bosh’s would be a genius idea.

Either way, I think they look great. I don’t know if the cork makes them floaty or if you could use these to hold your extra oboe reeds in a pinch, but I do like the idea of honoring LeBron’s first championship by doing something that you don’t see every day. The easy way out would be making gold shoes and calling them “Larry O’Briens” or something like that. This is different and it actually looks pretty cool, so two thumbs up from me.

Plus, if push pin comes to shove, you can use these to make an inspiration board. I’m sure you’ll get that Adirondack chair someday. The shoes release in December and there are a couple more shots after the jump. Let’s hear what you think in the comments.

(via Counter Kicks)