Coming in to the season, there are four big questions I have about Dwight Howard joining the Lakers:

  1. How is his back?
  2. How will he fit on a team full of offensive powerhouses?
  3. Is he the kind of guy who can take a season’s worth of criticism and use it as fuel to dominate the NBA?
  4. Will being criticized for so long turn him from happy-go-lucky Dwight in to rage Dwight?

This quote pretty much answers Nos. 1 and 4. From Lakers Nation:

“Gangnam Style has helped me strengthen my core and lower back. I’ve got a great PT program, but this dance has taken me to the next level,” said Howard.

Yeah, of course. Multiple studies have shown that dancing to a Korean pop song is the new best way to recover from back surgery. It is being used in virtually every doctor’s office in virtually every country that has access to YouTube. I’m glad it worked for Dwight and I’m sure he’ll continue to do it at every opportunity because that’s how he is with jokes.

Not to mention, he’s already prescribing it as treatment for an injured teammate.

Now with Jordan Hill is out for the rest of the month with a similar injury, does Howard have any suggestions for the backup big man in his recovery?

Howard smiled. “The only way to go is Gangnam Style.”

Between Dwight, Jordan Hill and Steve Nash, I’m guessing “Gangnam Style” is going to be played during every timeout at Lakers games, just to keep their backs in shape. Good thing it’s not the most infuriatingly catchy song of the past year or else that could get super annoying.