Oh man, Ronny Turiaf was probably working on that jumper all offseason and I’m sure he couldn’t wait to bust it out in a game. Then he finally does, only to end up getting blocked AND dunked on. In the preseason, no less.

Tough break.

(via CJ Fogler)

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  1. That is one of the best hustle/highlight plays I’ve ever seen. The best part is that he gets back to deflect the pass after he has blocked and dunked on Turiaf.

  2. That was both mental and physical abuse

  3. he should be jailed!!! OM GOSH WHAT a PLAY (s)

  4. Jeremy Evans is one sick, sick puppy.

  5. now thats what you call hustling. how does evans not get anymore playing time? i know hes a 196 pound “power forward” but he gets to the rim hustles and blocks shots

  6. this is like playing nba2k on “rookie” difficulty

  7. What does “havin’ a Ronney” mean again?

  8. Slaaaaam dunk!!!

  9. WHat a hustle play! Do Pre Season games count for Play of the year? That will be right up there.

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