He’s no Chunky Grizzlies Fan or Good Job, Good Effort Kid but this youngster wilding out about a Thaddeus Young tip dunk will do for the preseason. The kids will get in shape, they’ll hone their yelling skills and things will really pick up once the games really mean something but this is a good start. You can really see what the Children Yelling franchise tried to do this offseason. Pretty admirable.

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  1. I thought he was cheering after their guard (Malik Something?) drained a 3 to get the Sixers over 100 points. Free Big Macs, God Bless America.

  2. The Nets fan takes the cake for me.

  3. @will: he was! if you read his lips, you can them forming the magical words “big mac”!

  4. Ah, to be young again and care about something that doesn’t matter so intensely.

  5. Still think this guy is better http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebh9p–TcAw

  6. LOL this is awesome.

  7. Good thing this kid’s not a Heat, Pacers, Thunder, or Clippers fan cuz his head would probably explode if he was.. If blake griffin were to do this in staples the fans wouldn’t even give him snaps like they do after someone recites a poem

  8. Good job good effort takes the cake for me being a Celtics fan. But the Nets fan Bobby Moynihan look alike was hilarious as well.

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