Sometimes, as HoopSpeak’s Beckley Mason points out, the best alley-oops come from the worst passes. I’m not sure if that’s technically an oxymoron, but it’s close enough.

And it’s the reason why Mo Williams remains the best alley-oop passer in recent memory, because that guy couldn’t get a lob close to the rim if he tried, which was very cool when he played with LeBron James. Bad passes are awesome.

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  1. its actually looking like this kid is going to be a pretty decent nba player. i hope he keeps it up. drummonds ceiling is about as high one can be

  2. I’m excited for how the Drummond & Monroe frontline will look together. Two very complementary skillsets.

  3. Looks more like a terrible shot turned into a great alley-oop pass

    • If you watched the game, you wouldn’t feel that way at all. Especially that Bynum and Drummond have been connecting like that all preseason long. From the first lob in the first preseason game, Bynum has been smartly looking for Drummond for easy assists. That one didn’t look an easy one at all, it was more like a desperate search for points, as the Pistons offense was terrible and they couldn’t connect on their shots.

  4. Drummond has been impressive in the preseason, not only highlights, but a true NBA center with his rebounding and defense, through in his very good athleticism. Even though he was a lottery pick at 9th, but the Pistons, my favorite team, are lucky he was still available in the draft. Looking forward to see him rest Monroe, who based on his skills is not an NBA center I believe, and let him play the more suitable role for him in PF.

  5. This dude’s upside is scary. He’s so big and athletic. He’s like a Dwight Howard-Andrew Bynum hybrid

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