My mom visited Toronto this weekend, and while we were cruising out to Moo Milk Bar we saw a bunch of random people walking down the streets and on the streetcar dressed like zombies. After assuring my mom that she wasn’t in danger, I told her about the Zombie Walk and that it is a thing and that’s why you see all these dead bodies walking around. She ate a 7 Layer Bar and was cool with it.

Lucky for us, however, that we didn’t run in to Amir Johnson. Because a 6-foot-9 zombie is a whole different story. From

”I had so much fun at Nuit Blanche, the art thing, so I was like, let me try the zombie deal,”  he said after Sunday’s practice.  “I was excited to do it and I might have some plans next year to do it again.”

Johnson, who said The Walking Dead is his favourite TV show, went full out by hiring a professional makeup artist to spend an hour on a truly authentic undead appearance.

Did the makeup pass the test for the six-foot-nine forward among an expected crowd of over 7,000 wannabe walkers?

“Nobody recognized me,” said Johnson. “Maybe two people that kind of recognized me and they were just standing there like ‘that’s a tall zombie. Wait a minute, are you Amir?’ and I’m like ‘No, I’m not Amir. Nooooo.’ It was pretty awesome.”

If you were wondering how a multimillionaire spends his multimillions, one of the answers is by hiring a professional makeup artist to spend an hour making you look like a zombie to walk around with a bunch of other zombies. If you are a millionaire who loves zombies, you have to be the most zombie. That is how you do it.

Of course, now you have to wonder what he is going to do next weekend for Halloween. He’ll be in Memphis Friday night and then back home for a game against the Pacers on actual Halloween, which means Saturday night he is free to dress up as whatever he wants. I’m thinking Guy Who Had His Face Eaten by a Guy On Bath Salts since it would be both topical and pretty zombie-ish. It’s just an idea but I think it’s solid. If you have anything better, leave it in the comments.