If you’re keeping track at home, Dwight Howard is sometimes susceptible to falling for pump fakes but apparently always susceptible to falling for team introduction fakes. Just a classic new guy zinger right here.

But if you’re worried that being fooled by some dastardly teammates is indicative of the fact that six months on the shelf has sapped Dwight Howard of all of his on court smarts, don’t be. Because he followed up this silly bit of trickery with about 60 alley-oops, including one for his very first points as a Laker. Scary times for the rest of the league.

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  1. And the Lakers still lost, and are the only team to have lost all their pre-season games so far. Their bench is horrible. Dwight will need to be scoring 30 a night not 20 to compensate for this, and the amount of free throws he’ll miss in the clutch.

  2. Also this was the sickest dunk in the game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eWHLqGzaho love the lakers bench reaction.

  3. At 00:16 in the first points video, Dwight passes on the fist bump with that Lakers announcer. Nice move. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNkffeXndXo#t=00m16s

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