You know how sometimes you are perusing Mike Miller’s Wikipedia page to make sure he has the same birthday as you? We’ve all been there, I’m sure. Totally normal thing to do when you are just curious about basketball players’ birthdays. But anyways, it happens, and I might have been doing so yesterday, just checking in for no real reason, when I encountered this:

Let It Fly Energy
In 2012 Mike Miller announced plans to launch a line of energy drinks and energy shots through his company Let It Fly Energy.

Which naturally led me to check out Let It Fly’s Wikipedia page because it is impossible to look at just one Wikipedia page. That’s where I found this:

Let It Fly Energy is an energy drink, launched by Mike Miller of the Miami Heat in 2012. The drink has a target launch of late 2012-early 2013.

As you would expect, the “article is being considered for deletion in accordance with Wikipedia’s deletion policy,” because it is a Wikipedia entry about an energy drink that doesn’t yet exist. And they don’t just give Wikipedia pages out to anyone.

Nonetheless, for now it is there and it has a link to the official website for Let It Fly Energy, which is great because it features Mike Miller doing shirtless pushups on some train tracks (normal stuff), as you can see above. Plus, it then links you to Let It Fly’s YouTube page where you can find the first trailer for Mike Miller’s energy shots, which was also on Dime back in June.

So yeah, Mike Miller has an energy drink and set of energy shots that are debuting sometime soon. No idea when, but when it does, I’m sure it will make you very susceptible to injury but also good at shooting three-pointers in the clinching game of an NBA Finals.

At the very least, now he’ll be allowed in to that exclusive club of weird celebrities who have their own energy drinks. Lil Jon is the president, obviously, but rumor has it he’s been looking for a comptroller. Given the brutal tattoos, I’d say Mike Miller has as good of a chance of scoring that prestigious position as anyone.