Goodbye, [BLANK] Jones; Hello, NBA!

On today’s part two of TBJ’s 2012-13 NBA preview podcast — CLICK HERE FOR PART 1 — the guys continue to answer 101 questions about the upcoming season. Which player will take the biggest step forward this season? Will the Hawks be better without Joe Johnson? Is John Wall a franchise player? Can “Linsanity” “lift off” in Houston? Is Brandon Roy an All-Star? And who would you rather be — Corey Brewer or Ronnie Brewer?

All that, plus Ryan Fitzpatrick, Beyoncé facts, Denver’s air, haircuts, Daryl Morey stats, and more.


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  1. Got a blank jones idea for next summer. “Movie Takes” Really enjoyed your movie draft pod, this could be similar to that but it’s about movie props you wish to own. Best collection “wins”

  2. Ryan Fitzpatrick? Do we have a bills fan on the jones?

    • The Bills have been playing part of their home games in Toronto, which would amount to the closest thing to a “home team” that these here Canadians have, eh.

  3. Why wouldn’t the Hawks be better than the last year? Horford basically missed the whole year and he’s back now. In a trade of Joe for Horford, Horford is surely a lot better.

  4. The Heat evidently think the Celtics are the biggest threat because they picked them to win the east in the GM survey (note: can’t vote for yourself, and the heat got ALL the other votes)

  5. Hey. Don’t forget that Corey Brewer won an NBA championship in 2011 while with the Mavericks and he owns a pet goat. Game, set, match.

  6. Here’s who SCHOENE have as similar to Lin: Rod Strickland (92.9), Rajon Rondo, Sherman Douglas, Brevin Knight

    And as for Lin in the ASG, I think they’ll just lie about the amount of votes he’s going to get.

  7. where is part 1?

  8. Blazers starting 5 under the radar again. Nic lit it up against the jazz and hasn’t been in the preseason games much in the second half along with all the starters. Damien Lillard had an almost perfect game against them as well. I’m glad we resigned Batum. Morrison won’t make the cut. Nic would be in the conversation for MIP I think.

  9. Drew Gooden always has the worst haircut.

  10. Another great podcast guys, thanks. HOWEVER….. like everyone else, I think you’re sleeping on the Sixers in the Atlantic div.

  11. In the Ronnie-off, I’d also like to nominate Ronny Turiaf and my pick:


    I’m provided some great Alexey Shved highlights featuring the ability to sing your own Monster Ballad karaoke with the background music.

  13. skeets is kind of a bitch

    • Oh, no, what favorite team or player of yours did I disrespect?

    • Nah dude. Skeets is awesome. You’re thinking of Tas, who is a complete and total douche. Seriously.

      • Naw man Tas rules – you’re thinking of Matt, who’s a bitter hater.

        • Nah man, Matt rules. you’re thinking of Ring 17, who is a bitter hater and has the perfect name for this merry-go-round of disrespect that can now start all over again from the top!

          • No man ring 17 is like totally circular and stuff you are thinking of…oh ok now I just got the joke…my bad.

  14. I agree with Tas about Montiejunas, gotta love a guy who calls out Dwight in his rookie press conference, not to mention his coaches raved about his skill

  15. Brandon Knight has the potential take a major step up and become a 5-10 point guard in the nba

  16. I’m still listening, but I had to stop and say I love the LCD drop.

  17. Agreed. Pau Pau is genius.

  18. I’m a huge Wolves fan, and even I’m not buying the BRoy All-Star talk.

  19. I have been a huge BRoy fan for years but seriously don’t think he’ll be allstar quality by the break. He might not be even on the court by then. Watched him crumble two seasons straight in Portland and he always says he feels great, then…..ouch. No meniscus is no meniscus and you can only go so far with bone to bone knee grating before it’ll be unbearable. He’ll try and he’ll even play in pain. Steve Nash has the worst haircut and looks the strangest in another jersey. Aaron Brooks might garner some Chinese allstar votes after making the finals there last season.

  20. New Jersey pun killed me.

  21. I howled when I heard Tas calling Omar Asik a borderline white guy…..I’ve always used fringe white guy for the same purpose.

  22. Also, to contribute with some research…..only one other NBA player has worn 98: Chet Aubuchon in 1947.

  23. Hah, LCD Soundsystem drop. Awesome.

  24. As a Bills fan and (humblebrag!) someone who was two years behind Fitzy at Harvard, I can assure you Tas is smarter.

    And has a better beard.

  25. No offense, Leigh but everything you say is like super obvious.

    • Sweet. That means that Brandon Roy will be an All-Star! – Leigh

      • He did totally say no offense before it, so that completely makes everything afterwards fair game,
        Personally I find people who say “no offense, but”…a bit obvious.

        P.S. What are your thoughts on Luke Nevill getting axed from the Pacers Leigh?

    • You mean everything he says is with an Australian accent which makes it super cool

  26. Nuggets no doubt the no.1 League Pass team
    Blake will give a dunk sandwich to DWIGHT!!!
    Roy( as much as everyone loves him) will not be an all star unless Portland gives him crazy votes

  27. Over the past two years, this guy has averaged 21 points, 5 assists, 7 free throw attempts, with only 1.8 turnovers per 36 minutes. He’s good.

    I also think Houston will be almost decent (30-35 wins), mostly because Asik is awesome. There aren’t ten better defenders than him in the league (DH12, Chandler, Garnett, healthy Bogut, Iggy, LeBron, aa000G9…I think that’s it.) Teams with a dominant backline defender can only be so bad, and they have a lot of talented young players, if not proven ones.

  28. Jeremy Evans reaches the heavens

  29. Alexey Shved looks like the guy from Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

  30. “that’s the coolest fucking story I ever heard in my entire life”- is that a jonah hill drop? where’s that from?

  31. not the most serious discussion of hoop. WHy?? I mean are they no really smart journalists out there for hoop …instead of these white frat boy morons????

  32. Dear Tas, I believe you’re underestimating Chandler Parsons, and I hope he’ll demonstrate that with a great season.

  33. Borderline white guys always says guys in uniforms driving SUVs along the border of Mexico to me

  34. “But [Lou Williams] doesn’t draw fouls…”

    Nothing infuriates me quite like people just saying things they clearly haven’t researched. Williams got to the line last year at a better rate than Monta Ellis, Tony Parker, Tyreke Evans, and Kyle Lowry. One of the main reasons he was so good last year was BECAUSE he got to the line so much (4.6 fta per game and 6.2 per 36 minutes, which is roughly in line with his career average). Williams doesn’t get to the line like Wilson Chandler is a star player.

    • Just took a look at his numbers. He gets to the line a pretty good amount (4.7 per game) per field goal attempted (12.2 per game), which are both affected by his minutes played (26 min per game). So, I’ll retract my statement. Side note: free throw rate – free throws attempted divided by field goals attempted – is a good indicator if a guy is good at getting to the line. Williams is pretty good – Lowry is a little better in that regard. I guess I lumped Lou with the rest of the Sixers because Philly was dead last in the league last year in free throw rate.

      Also, “Star” is a subjective term.

  35. Im a little late chiming in here but ersan illisova is going to be least improved player.

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