Ummmm hello, a lockout is not a strike. I thought we were done explaining that, but whatever. When a TV show that has an odd obsession with cracking on LeBron James does it again, sometimes you have to re-educate people on how the owners were the ones who caused last season’s work stoppage. Ugh. Blogging is so hard sometimes.

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  1. great to see that about 5 years after the wire everybody still gets the references even though 5 years equals about 500 gazillion quadrillion blogyears and therefore only the truly important things will be remebered (for example: does anyone remember anything specific about paris hilton? me neither. wait, wasn’t she married to kris humphies oh wait that was the other one. see?)
    lesson here (Bey): the wire wins.

  2. This is bad even for a sitcom filled with blonde women in their late 30′ies who behave like they were 17.

  3. not a surprise that this terrible show made a terrible and kinda not working joke

  4. You’d think Elisha Cuthbert would be well acquainted with the difference between a lockout and a strike right now.

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