Video: Yao Ming golfing

At first I thought Yao Ming’s squatty golf stance was the funniest thing about Yao Ming golfing, but then I saw him swing. Then, right when I thought his swing was the funniest part, Yao struck the classic “Disgusted at his golf shot” look and pose while wearing hilarious golf glasses and nipping out.

That’s when I realized I’d watch an entire 18-hole round of Yao Ming golfing. So good.

(via Point Forward)

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  1. Nipping out – his nipples are showing. Not nipping out as in “nipping out with his nip buddies”, which is how I first read this.

  2. Short….as most Asians golfing :p

  3. Yao vs Barkley for the title of ugliest golf swing for a former nba player, who would win?

  4. Barkley definitely has the uglier swing

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