Goodbye, [BLANK] Jones; Hello, NBA!

On part three of TBJ’s 2012-13 NBA preview podcast — CLICK FOR PART 1 and PART 2 — the guys continue to answer 101 questions about the upcoming season. Which ’11-12 playoff teams will end up in the lottery? Is Andrew Bynum a franchise player? Can the Nuggets live up to their high expectations? Who will take more shots — ‘Melo or Kobe? And what can we expect from Batum, Beaubois, and Valanciunas this season?

All that, plus tight shorts, white Wolves, fantasy basketball, ‘Sheed, Elvis, and much, much more.


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  1. Trey, funny point about Cuban and booing Michael Finley. ( Cuban AMNESTIED Finley, and then organized booing of a player he cut)

    Life long mavs fan, but Cubes is always good for some questionable antics. He got the trophy to Dallas though, no complaints in the end.

  2. My fantasy team name: ‘A Bad Case of Dragic’ *

    * I don’t do fantasy, so this name can be appropriated as necessary.

  3. Do you guys think there’s a chance that Michael Beasley could win Most Improved? He’s gonna be the number one scoring option in Phoenix now, and he will be chucking up shots like crazy. If his PPG average increases significantly, would the league take notice?

  4. Fantasy Name: “Call Me Nene” #carlyraejepsen

  5. Brandon Knight could end up winning the most improved…maybe 16pts 5asts 4rebs. Hopefully shows better defense and get into the passing lanes

  6. yess!!! AMA!!!!!

  7. so instead of skinny jeans, nba players will wear skinny shorts?

  8. More fantasy team names for your consideration:

    - Diop It Like It’s Hot
    - Brandon Roy G Biv
    - Minnesota Whiteout
    - Jeremy Doesn’t Lin Here Anymore
    - Faried Falling
    - Biyombo Said Knock You Out

  9. Given that the Most Improved Player award…kinda sucks, I think they should replace it with Most Improved Knees award. Candidates include:

    B. Roy
    Kobe (a perennial candidate)

  10. and fantasy name: KG’s Youngins

  11. I’m using Breaking Brand, complimented with Brand’s face over Walter White. Breaking Brad was my second choice.

  12. Raptors-related fantasy team names for your consideration:

    Calderon Me Maybe
    Fields Of Dreams
    Man In The Amir-ror
    Lucas III With The Lid Off
    Strawberry Fields Forever
    We’re Not In Kaunsas Anymore (Kaunsas = birthplace of Kleiza)
    Acy Gray

    I resisted all Bargnani-pasta references.

  13. Skeets, since Kim Jong-il’s son replaced him as head of state after his death, maybe you should do the same for your fantasy team: Damien Wilkins Jong-un.

  14. Fantasy Team Name: Let’s Hold Hansbrough
    Most improved player: Avery Bradley

  15. Fantasy team name: Teletovic’s Be Crazy

  16. Kwame Brown Draft

    I’m sure you guys have probably already seen this, but talking about him last episode reminded me of this. Still good for a laugh even if you have seen it.

  17. Is there any way to get last year’s The Blank Jones podcasts? I got my wife hooked on them this summer as step 1 in my 5 step program to get her to watch/not complain when I watch the NBA/any other sport. Next step is listening to the daily show and the od, steps 3&4 tbd and step 5 is something involving yelling the T.V when the Raptors play (women + complaining = secretly having a great time). Any help would be appreciated.

    • just google it and once you’re on the blog for an episode, click on “the blank jones”-tag below the title of the actual episode, it will list the last episodes and i think it goes back a while.
      for your five step plan: have your wife listen to the overdose before the daily show. it’s way more like the blank jones and involves a medium amount of nba-talk. after a couple of overdoses, go ahead with the daily fix. don’t rush it!

  18. Man, I wish I played fantasy sports. No, scratch that, I don’t at all, but this naming thing is fun on a bun. Seeing as I’m a rookie man, that’s the theme I went for. I don’t mean that I’m new to being a man, just that I am a fan of young… never mind.

    Will You Be My Valanciunas?
    Bradley McBeal
    Here’s to you Thomas Robinson
    Austin Rivers: International Man of Mystery (OR The Hornet Who Loved Me)
    John Jenkins Jingleheimer Schmidt
    and of course,
    Sacre The Best For Last (I woulda gone for ‘Sacre The Last Dance’, but considering his draft position…)

    • OK I had to get my non-rookie ideas out too:

      Rajon-line Dating Service

      That’s A Richardson, Quentin, Bro (or – That’s A Kyle O’Quinn, Bro [rookie], or – That’s A Quincy Question, Bro [2x rookies], or – That’s A Kleiza Question, Bro [gimme some Raptor news!])

  19. Names in my League:

    The Andrea Bargn Owls
    Kidd-Gilchrist on the Cross
    Luol Dengleberries
    Do You Believe in Dragic?

    and my favorite, Will’s Cool Team

  20. Lot’s of people were flip-flops to/from the gym hooping. I feel like a lot of NBA guys probably do too, no? I’m talking like the Nike/Addidas ones.

  21. Hey guys will we still be able to download the video show onto our iPhones and such? Wireless Internet is notoriously shitty in aus and I’m worried I’ll have to settle for the audio on the train to work since YouTube probably won’t stream!

  22. Most improved: great call on Gordon Hayward, but maybe another guy from UT Marvin Williams! He is a crazy underachiever, and ready for a breakout season!
    6th man, Which ever of the 3 jazz big men (Jefferson, Millsap, Favors) comes off the bench.
    Credit to my cousin @topheryork for team name, Coast to Kosta Koufas. He’s a nuggets fan.

  23. Totally gonna name my fantasy name ‘Akobe PhotoDiop’

    *cricket sounds*

  24. In relation to new fashion trends…..maybe this?

    Wade wearing black nail polish……..argh

  25. Just you wait, Ascots are gonna be huge these NBA post-games.

  26. Having won my fantasy league last year, I will also be sticking with the same team name:
    The Darko Side of the Moon

  27. What a Fab Car, Melo
    Kyle Lowry’s Floaters

    or a slight change to Tas’s: Kevin Loves Ruby’s O Face.

  28. Fantasy name: Faried of Heights

    Most improved dark horse could be someone like Jeff Teague. Been given the reigns at Atlanta and could pick up some of the scoring slack from JJs departure with more of the ball in his hands. I think it will be interesting to see how much responsibility they hand over to him, or whether they cut his minutes in favour of Lou ‘Shoot-a-lot’ Williams. I’m not as high on this team’s chances as many others, and think they might test out whether Teague’s the guy to run the point for the next few years. If they do well and his numbers increase, I think he could get some attention.

    Any love for DaMarcus Cousins for this award? If his ‘attitude’ improves this year at the same rate as his game is doing, then he’s definitely got to be considered for All-Star selection by the media and coaches (though less likely with the new non-center system). If his FG% improves as it did last year I think he’ll average at least 20 and 12 with more minutes.

    First post, but loved TBJ for a while, keep up the good work guys! Feel free to shoot me down.

  29. Fantasy team name: Wilson Tyson Chandler Parsons DDS

  30. It’s an old joke buy my team is named Delonte’s Date Night

  31. Kobe’s aiming to beat Michael Jordan’s all time scoring record, so theres no chance Melo is shooting more. Kobe will resort to shooting 1000 times a game, just to average the 28 points a game he needs to do it.

  32. Return of the Bismack
    Pow! Gasol!
    Sack Vinnie
    Fark Tank
    Dozens of Cousins Techs
    Tayshaun Prince’s Arms

    I went with my classic of “Jerry Crackhouse” this year.

  33. My fantasy team is “That Shit Klay”.

  34. Hey Matt, chill out with the drops. The basketball ones I think is fine but I hope you’re not throwing out Homer Simpson and “My little nerdlings” during the actual daily show.

  35. Brandon Roy never retired.

    But, by all means, Trey…keep saying Portland forced him into retirement.

  36. Trey, please stop with the baby voice (or whatever you want to call it) that you’ve been doing nonstop the last two shows. It’s really hard to listen to

  37. Some great names for fantasy teams are thrown here but I went with classic for one of my teams. It is homage to one of the greatest teams in sports history- the rounders.

  38. Fantasy team name: Batum Raiders

  39. Tom “Satch” Sanders.


    /Dumb & Dumber

  40. GUYS! Need Fantasy team name advice. My fantasy team name is the Robert Sacre Blues, but should I style it as the Robert Sacre Bleus instead?

  41. “The Maynor’s Office” is this year’s “Ay Mon Shumpert”. I look forward to it, Tas.

  42. FYI — We’re lookin’ in to why this suddenly won’t play on the blog.

  43. My fantasy team name this year is “Sullinger Escape Plan”.

  44. Sweet deal, it’s working this time! Keep up the prognostications!

  45. The mp3 for the 3rd podcast isn’t available for

  46. So the Bucks might make the playoffs but the Raps have no chance?

    Fantasy team name – Yao know what I Mng

  47. I don’t know this Golden State players full name but they have a guy whos first name is Festus that’s gotta be fun to pun around. I think Enis Kanter should be in the running for 6th man or most improved player this season although I’m rooting for Batum for the most improved. Guy who could get the most techs, two come to mind. Stephen Jackson and Derrick Cousins. Guy who World Peace would clock although they play different positions, Aaron Brooks, he just annoys defenders and has a short fuse. Fantasy team name: The teardrop floppers.

  48. “Run DeM Cousins”

  49. For the literary set:

    Kevin Love in the Time of Cholera
    Kenyon Martin Chuzzlewitt
    Manu Ginobiliards at Half Past Nine
    DeMar DeRozankavalier
    A Portrait of the Artist as a Nick Young Man
    Sebastian Bartholomew Telfair

  50. My team name is Jrues for Jesus

  51. Love the Brules Rules drop!

  52. “What will Tas Melas force down the throat of the BJ army this year?”

    For 2 solid seconds, I wondered what the hell had just happened to the podcast

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