Yo dawg, we heard you like basketball players, so we put a basketball player in your car customization shop so you can see a basketball player while you customize your car. From Project Spurs:

For those who live in San Antonio, you may have seen a huge sign along Huebner Road with “Black Jack Speed Shop” emblazoned with huge black lettering with a red flame design. And in case you didn’t know, that’s the future site of [Tim] Duncan’s car and truck customization shop with a focus on wheels and tires, suspension, performance parts and accessories. [...]

“We’ve hand many discussions about [Duncan working on vehicles],” he said. “Obviously, right now he’s focused on the business at hand, the 2012-13 NBA season but Tim is truly a car guy. When he has more time available, like the summer, as dedicated as he is to his profession, he’ll still be doing his workouts and everything else, but we’ve already talked about getting in there and having a project where he’s going to get his hands dirty and he’s going to get all the essentials of building a car from the ground up. That’s how committed and passionate he is about this particular business.¬†Whether it be doing stuff in the front or going in the back and turning some wrenches.”

If we know anything about Tim Duncan, it’s that his custom creations will be very efficient, probably black and silver, definitely Punisher themed and people will complain that they’re boring even while agreeing that they’re some of the best cars available. Then, just when you think Black Jack Speed Shop is getting ready to close their doors, they’ll reinvent themselves and continue to be a successful business for a number of years after everyone thought they’d close down, and they’ll do this by hiring employees that no one else really ever noticed.

Oh, and they’ll definitely have a curmudgeonly store manager who never answers your questions but always gives you a really nice car. You might not like the Black Jack Speed Shop, but you’ll always respect it. Also, I’ve heard that all of their cars handle very well in wet conditions, but I’ve never seen any video evidence that this is true. Still waiting for that water performance documentation, Timmy.

(via SLAM)