“Which way did he go, George? Which way did he go?”the Wizards

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  1. The old webber/bibby move, my goto.

  2. Bron-Bron with the pass fake but highlight is only possible because Trevor Booker thought it was really important to double Shane Battier 20 ft from the rim.

  3. love the announcer calling him LeBron Jams

  4. I said to Hollywood, “Where’d he go?” “Where’d WHO go?” http://wavcentral.com/sounds/movies/topgun/wolfman.mp3

  5. of course this had to happen to the wizards

  6. He is a lock to make the roster this year.

  7. Rondo’s fakes are better and more humiliating.

  8. Jeremy Tyler made Blake’s “ball fake” look good too:


  9. Is it me, or does Lebron’s headband look even higher this year.

  10. In America, they call that traveling.

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