Yeah, this is kind of a weird way to start your Friday morning. But we’re not getting new episodes of “Community” any time soon, so Blake Griffin preparing Abed’s book club for a “Karate Kid” themed showdown against Britta’s book club will just have to do.

When you type it out like that, it pretty much sounds like the plot to an episode of “Community” anyways. And that, my friends, is indeed a Friday morning treat.

(via Reddit)

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  1. The fuck did I just watch

  2. The best part of that video is the link to the next episode where Britt’s wearing a pair of Cement Jordan III’s. She got a shoe game?

  3. Someone needs to inform Blake that he’s not funny, has crossed eyes and is not an interesting human being. Well guess if he reads this then I will have told him.

  4. loved it, but any chance Blake can read a book about jump shots and free throw shooting

  5. Big dude looks like Trey Kirby.

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