Just so you know, Mark Cuban is a guy who cares about comfort — that should go on his tombstone, by the way, “Mark Cuban: A Guy Who Cares About Comfort” — and that extends from his basketball-themed football jerseys to his baggy toed shoes. And if you’re wondering where the “roomy toe area” that he values so much, it’s right there in the toe area.

Seems like a pretty good spot for that roomy toe area. At the very least, it certainly makes more sense than skinny jeans. I mean, if Mark Cuban doesn’t “get” them, who can?

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  1. Mark Cuban appears to be anti man-scarf too. I guess woman-scarves are more relaxed, perhaps they also have a roomy toe area?

  2. Skinny jeans, fat wallets.

  3. why would anyone pay Mark Cuban to be in an ad?

  4. New Top Rivalry: Mark Cuban vs. Hipsters

  5. It’s called a big toe for a reason… ya gabroni

  6. Make Cuban love for comfort and relaxation is the reason Findley’s prime, nash’s 1st prime, and most of Dirk’s prime got wasted (like, white girl wasted). DWill was probably like “there’s a man who cares about relaxation. I got maybe 5 superstar caliber years left. I can’t relax ‘em away. I’ll take my chances with (gulp) Billy King”

  7. Speaking of Mark Cuban, did anyone else see that episode of Shark Tank that straight-up stole that idea someone had on the Invention Jones? I think it was called Zomm. I hope you guys have a good lawyer!

  8. and I was predicting the man scarf to be the latest “post-game” trend this season. Mark Cuban will not approve.

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