Color me zero percent surprised that Reggie Miller would be anti-advanced stats and pro-humans who play basketball. That’s not the least bit surprising to me, and I’m guessing I’m not alone in that.

However, I AM surprised that he called a “pocket protector” a “pocket square” while trying to make fun of nerds — who he actually called “lab geek rats,” which nope — because this guy wears pocket squares on the regular. Having been familiar with Reggie Miller’s oeuvre for quite some time, it’s a pretty safe bet that he regrets that mistake because being lumped in with all those dorks is probably the last thing he wants. A guy with a belly button tattoo would never be that uncool.

(via Basketball Prospectus)

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  1. In the history of the world has anyone ever said “awesome, Reggie Miller is commentating”? I’m doubtful.

  2. miller is partially right. at the end of the day PER isn’t gonna win you games. plus most advanced stats don’t factor in the “intangibles” that some players bring to the table. guys like bruce bowen, shane battier and tony allen. the best example i found of advanced stats not always working is this: avery bradley – 11.31 PER, marco belinelli – 12 PER.
    how many people will take belinelli over bradley. bradley is an elite defender who shot close to 50% from the field and 40% from 3, while belinelli is a 42% shooter from the field and 37% from 3. i’m not against advanced stats i just think teams should factor in what else the player brings to the table

    • yeah, wow. I guess that’s why teams are rarely run by computers.

    • Stat geeks aren’t against considering intangibles, they just think teams should factor advanced stats into player valuations because having more information tends to lead to better decisions

    • Part of the problem of PER is that it’s a stat that favors volume shooters. Since Belinelli has a somewhat larger shooting role on his team than Bradley does on his (10.4 FGA for Marco vs. 6.3 for Avery last season), and he’s a better than average shooter, his PER will tick up higher just because of that.

      Furthermore, the PER formula doesn’t factor in things like DRating, a measure on which Bradley is substantially better than Belinelli (102 vs. 109 last season). It factors in defensive rebounding, but logic dictates that when you share the court with KG, you’re going to get a lot fewer rebounds than you might otherwise. On the other hand, Bradley is 3 inches shorter and rebounds offensively at twice Belinelli’s rate.

      All of this just says that Bradley is likely worth more than Belinelli, and in fact his Win Share reflects this (.085 vs .071). It’s all about understanding what the numbers are actually telling you and what the shortcoming of the stats is.

  3. Yeah, I agree, Reggie’s the worst. I’m pretty sure there’s no former NBA star who went from “super cool player” to “complete twat who should never open his mouth ever again” that quickly after he retired. I mean, Jordan is a jerk too and maybe kind of an idiot, but his most cringe-worthy appearances are mostly fashion-related. Miller is just plain stupid and impossible to listen to. Especially when paired with a quick-witted fellow like JvG, he get’s SO lost it’s almost sensational that Family Guy hasn’t made some kind of retardation-based cutaway-scene joke out of it yet: “hey guys, the ball is orange!” – “yes, Reggie, very good. The ball is kind of orange.”

  4. Before Reggie slams dorks to hard he should remember that his sister used to give him noogies. I do not think that is spelled correctly.

  5. +1 to me. I deserve it, that’s why.

  6. Reggie is an awesome commentator, I don’t know what you guys are talking about. He’s passionate, says what’s on his mind, is only the best shooter to ever play the game…and can actually be funny at times. Reggie and JvG work for different networks, so I’m not sure what telecustom is talking about. There are so many stats not tracked that making any complex decisions based on flawed statistical gatherings is, as Reggie said, only for the lab geeks who desperately want to have some relevance in the basketball world.

    • eh, my bad, got carried away with miller-hate there. but it doesn’t matter since it doesn’t change the fact that ANY even decently quick-witted guy makes Reggie sound redundant and stupid. you’re seriously the first person that I’m aware of to make positive remarks about Reggie, so… good to know that exists, I guess? it means he might actually have fans and isn’t just on TNT because he sucked the right guy off.

  7. Old man yells at numbers.

  8. I freely admit that I haven’t taken a look at Basketball Prospectus’ previews for the last few seasons but how accurate have they generally been?

    They have a bunch of very smart individuals running the numbers there but there is so much randomness in basketball. It must make it very frustrating to run projections for. Better them trying to sort through all of the noise that comes with this kind of data work then me.

  9. This might have something to do with the fact that Reggie Miller is remembered much more favorably than his overall statistics would reflect. His career averages are 18-3-3 which is solid but not how we remember his game. I remember being blown away at the thought of him not making the HOF because of all those clutch moments on Youtube that stuck out in my mind.

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