Sometimes things happen in an NBA season where some guys get hurt and then spots get randomly filled with hilarious players picked up for 10-game contracts late in the season. At this point, that is kind of Earl Boykins’ career plan. It happens.

But sometimes you sign an old center and he gets hurt during the preseason and then another guy rolls his ankle and suddenly Eddy Curry is your starting center for the first game of the season even though you signed him like 10 minutes ago. That’s when you’re this year’s Dallas Mavericks. From the Dallas Morning News:

Eddy Curry figures to embark to Los Angeles on Monday with his new Mavericks teammates as the team’s starting center. [...]

“He’s doing OK,’’ Carlisle said. “He’s a force in the paint offensively. We’d like to get him more active defensively and rebounding a little bit more. But his attitude has been good, and he’s worked hard to get himself in pretty good shape.’’

Amazingly, Eddy Curry actually had a start with the 2011-12 NBA Champion Miami Heat last season. As I’m sure you would guess, it was during a completely meaningless game, the Heat’s last of the season. It came against the Wizards and the Heat lost by 34, which is kind of what you’d expect with Eddy Curry as your starting center. Before that, his last start was with the Knicks in March of 2008, which they of course lost. Prior to that, the Knicks lost another four games with Curry as their starting center.

That means a team that starts Eddy Curry at center hasn’t won a game since February 27, 2007, a period of 2,073 days by the time their season officially starts. So basically, bet on the Lakers tomorrow night.

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  1. Things like this only happen to Mark Cuban

  2. Literally gives hope to every FA and D-Leaguer.

  3. “We’d like to get him more active defensively and rebounding a little bit more.” – Every coach that has ever coached Eddy Curry

    • Couldn’t agree more with you, the guy is 7 foot but can hardly pull down more than 7 boards in over 35 minutes

  4. Although it will never happen It would be pretty hilarious if he beat Howard on opening night though.

  5. For just a second, I thought I visited the onion with that crazy headline.

  6. Mavs are missing the playoffs if Eddy Curry is playing meaningful minutes.

  7. As much as I would like to join in the taunting of Eddy Curry, former center talent — I watched Friday’s game and he looked pretty, pretty good. But then again, the Mavs were playing the Bobcats.

  8. For what it’s worth the guy has had some very rough offseasons to say the least. Jokes about him aside, I’m rooting for the guy to do well.

  9. Shut up shut up shut up! If I put my fingers in my ears and sing loudly, I can pretend this isn’t happening.

    /weeps uncontrollably

  10. i like the dunking videos they were great i also like the zac galifinacus story

  11. I like the zac ghalifinacus post it was really funny and the dunk contest was really good so was the alley oops video!!

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