Evidence For:

  • He looks like he is in costume.
  • He is wearing a chain on the outside of his shirt.
  • Said shirt is very shiny, like too shiny for everyday wear.
  • There is a person behind him wearing white pants covered in sparkles.
  • He is basically just Business LeBron.
  • It was Halloween weekend this past weekend.

Evidence Against:

  • Unless he is going as a a terrible Pharrell Williams, Dorell Wright is not in costume.
  • Despite the unlikelihood of it, that is Andrew Bynum’s real hair.
  • Seems like he’d wear all that jewelry anyways, though he’d probably tuck in the chain if he wasn’t in costume.
  • That is kind of just what Andrew Bynum looks like now.
  • Maybe he is more of a dress up on actual Halloween kind of guy?

Verdict: Lazy costume.