On today’s final episode of TBJ’s 2012-13 NBA preview podcast — CLICK FOR PART 1, PART 2 and PART 3 — the guys finish answering 101 questions about the upcoming season. Who won the James Harden deal? Is Dwight the league’s biggest villain? Who should be invited to the 2013 Dunk Contest? Is Hibbert the funniest player in the league? Which is the most difficult team to forecast? And just who will win the 2012-13 title?

All that, plus fantasy sleepers, “pun-tastic” N.Y. Post headlines, Halloween costumes, social media, Tracy McGrady’s NBA future, knuckleheads, the Van Gundy Bros., and much, much more.


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  1. Now I’m left only imagining the championship potential of Durant + Westbrook + Ibaka + Harden. It sucks that this team was pulled apart by the finances of the small market. I wish they were part of a much larger market where they could have more revenue. Say somewhere like Seattle…

  2. Must add dunker to the Slam Dunk Competition is Travis Leslie. That guy has some serious dunks at Georgia. One of them had Demarcus Cousins at the business end of it.

  3. Previews, PredictiOns, PrOgNOsticatiOns…

    I don’t really know why, but the intro to these 101 Question ‘casts is probably my favorite thing that you guys have ever done. No disrespect, I’m a huge fan, but I have my doubts that you will ever top the greatness that is “the future…ritual sacrifice…ROBOT PLAYERS”

    I’m going to start listening to that 20 second clip to cheer me up when I’m having a bad day.

  4. Skeets, I really like your Clippers over Lakers in the regular season pick, but I think you’re giving Mike Brown waaaaaay too much credit. There’s no way he manages a rotation like Greg Popovich does; he’ll probably run Kobe out there 41 minutes a game.

  5. For a moment I thought Skeets was considering bringing skateboarding to the dunk contest…

  6. for the dunk contest you guys gotta remember that James White is back in the league playing for the Knicks. The guy can do a between the legs/windmill from the free throw line!!!!! btw there is a video of Gerald Green AND James White in a Russian league dunk comp

  7. I would love a jam session style dunk contest and I feel like I’ve left this comment before. Skeets, I’ve got mad deja vu, did you mention this idea at the All Star break?

  8. I have Lakers over the Celtics!

  9. Re: Van Gundys
    Stan should stand directly behind Jeff and whisper in his ear what to say while staring directly into, nay, through, the camera.

  10. These TBJ guys must not know much about First Take. No doubt about it Skip will rant on Dwight Howard’s fourth quarter play and his free throws in particular. Not a chance he’ll go off on Kobe he has way to much respect for him and his 5 rings.

  11. i know you said it as a joke but van gundy has been on Le betard show here in miami a couple times and one time they actually interviewed coach pop

  12. Biggest knucklehead and no Andre Blatche – not even dishonourable mention? Did I miss his retirement?

  13. The most over-rated team is Minnesota. It’s crazy how everybody is acting like they are a shoe-in for the playoffs. Even with Love and Rubio, they still aren’t that good.

  14. Harden HAS to be considered a top 15 player NOW, Tas. I believe it was last season when you guys called him unequivocally the third best SG in the league behind Kobe and Wade.

  15. Garnett isn’t a true villain, but he’s still an unloved, unrepentant asshole. Durant’s the Good, ‘Melo is the Bad, and Garnett is the Ugly.

  16. The Wolves added by subtraction a lot.

    They got rid of (among many other non-entities) Darko and Michael Beasley.

    Come on.

  17. The Lakers are a bit overrated. I mean, they’re gonna be good, but people are saying guaranteed Finals berth. I just don’t buy that Kobe is going to be willing to share the ball in order to spread it out the way Nash prefers. They’re being sold like the Heat were two years ago, and I think it’s too many pieces to put together into a smooth-functioning unit. Especially for a guy like Mike Brown.

  18. LOL
    Tas: I hope blank Blake Griffin gets better.

  19. Tas is the only one who got the Finals prediction correct. The Heat could win it all this year, but not if they have to play the Lakers. Can’t force LA to play small ball when they’ve got Dwight Howard.

  20. I dont think the Knicks missing the playoffs is that crazy a predicition.
    Amare is already injured along with Camby and Chandler. There will be a lot of injuries with this old team and a few guys have had weight issues in the past that could cause more problems, there is also a chance that someone important on this team is going to break a hip.

  21. Fuck you guys love talking about the dunk contest.

  22. For best social media, check out Suns rookie Kendall Marshall @KButter5

  23. I think Lakers and the Nets have got to be the most overrated. Like it was said above, LA has so many offensive weapons and new pieces, its going to take a while for them to get that chemistry where everyone is playing in their comfort zone. The Lakers are going to be tough to watch until February. By all-star break one of two things are going to happen:

    1) They are going to find their groove and just tear up the league in the 2nd half.
    2) Mike Brown will be replaced. His leech is going to be unfairly short this season.

  24. Also, I disagree with you guys about the Nuggets being possible title contentders. Their are only 2 threats in the west, OKC and the Lakers. I think Denver is equipped to beat OKC in a 7 game series. Ty Lawson is probably the only guy who is quick enough to keep up with Russ and Denver is deeper and has more firepower in the paint which we’ve seen has given OKC problems. Also, and this is the main thing, Denver has a far superior coach to OKC, and just like in the Finals last year that will be the main difference if Denver and OKC see each other in the playoffs.

    Lakers, they are the wildcard. If they start clicking like everyone expects, no one will touch them. Otherwise, 2nd round exit no matter who they play.

    And I’m a Lakers fan. I just have no faith in Mike Brown to coach this kind of team.

  25. The issue with doing a more “fluid” dunk contest is because there’s gap in between for 10000000 sprite commercials.

  26. James Harden got sent to the Maynors office for some Bizarre Hayward reason and was traded to the gosh Lamb (Jeremy) Houston Rockets.

  27. The Thunder obviously lose this deal as far as right now. Their title dreams take a hit too. They have money and picks now to maybe address another need down the road closer to the deadline or the offseason. This trade isn’t as lopsided as I thought at the start, but will make the road easier to the finals for my Lakers:) Pick up Delonte West for some scoring help on the bench which they need and get Nash a ring!

  28. yup, I’ll also never forget where I was when I found out about the James Harden trade. I was at my friend’s house watching the World Series dressed up as Russell Westbrook, of course.

  29. After listening to this podcast I’m so excited about the NBA tip-off, I could rip my shirt. Or anyone’s!

  30. About teams whose players will take less money to go all in with them how about the Heat. Ray, Rashard and even LeBron and Bosh when they first came on.

  31. you guys completely forgot about the importance of the picks okc received.. the raptors pick is only top3 protected.. this is pure gold

  32. Assuming he stays on the Knicks roster, James White is a MUST for the dunk contest. Dude can go through his legs from the free throw line. I’ve never even seen anyone else try that.

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