You asked for ‘em; you got ‘em.

Here’s a quick rundown of the 101 questions we tackled, in order, on The Basketball Jones’ four-part NBA season preview podcast. Specific time cues also included. (Thanks, Matty O!)


1. Which West lottery team has the best shot at the playoffs? (5:14)
2. Which fan base is going to hate their new signing the most? (11:44)
3. Which player will have the best chance at recording a 5×5 game? (15:03)
4. Which team will lead the league in alley-oops? (17:31)
5. Who will win the “Battle of the Boroughs” — Knicks or Nets? (19:03)
6. Who will win Defensive Player of the Year? (22:22)
7. Should the Kings extend Tyreke Evans’ contract? (24:44)
8. Will Rondo average 20 points or more per game this year? (27:42)
9. Which regular season game are you most looking forward to? (31:15)
10. Which East lottery team has the best shot at the playoffs? (34:10)
11. Who will win Coach of the Year? (38:32)
12. Would you rather have — DeMarcus Cousins or Greg Monroe? (40:48)
13. Will James Harden be traded this year? (44:19)
14. Who will be the worst team in the league? Is it still the Bobcats? (48:14)
15. Which player has the best shot at preventing LeBron from repeating as MVP? (50:09)
16. Who plays moregames — Dwight Howard or Andrew Bynum? (53:30)
17. Who will be the first player to be fined for flopping? (54:45)
18. Will Jose Calderon be traded this season? (And where will he end up?) (57:55)
19. Who has the best new uniform? (1:00:15)
20. Is Dirk done? (1:02:30)
21. Can a Monta Ellis / Brandon Jennings backcourt work in Milwaukee? (1:05:17)
22. Who is the “weirdest” player in the NBA? (1:08:14)
23. Will the Jazz trade any of their big guys? (1:11:05)
24. How many threes will Blake Griffin make? (1:14:44)
25. Who is the best point guard in the NBA? (1:16:52)


26. Would you rather be Corey Brewer or Ronnie Brewer? (4:19)
27. Is John Wall a franchise player? (7:05)
28. Who will have a better season: Ray Allen on the Heat or Jason Terry on the Celtics? (10:32)
29. Which player will Blake Griffin “Mozgov?” (14:04)
30. Which player looks weirdest in his new uniform? (17:12)
31. What was the best trash talk of the summer? (19:23)
32. What’s your top League Pass team? (22:04)
33. Will Brandon Roy be an All-Star? (23:23)
34. Are the Pacers the Heat’s biggest threat in the East? (28:29)
35. Best move of the NBA offseason? (29:58)
36. Who will perform at the NBA All-Star Game Halftime Show in Houston? (33:16)
37. Will the Hawks be better this year without Joe Johnson? (35:26)
38. Who will be this season’s Lamar Odom — AKA “Least Improved Player of the Year?” (37:26)
39. Who will have the worst haircut in the NBA? (40:04)
40. Who will be the league’s new Brian Scalabrine? (41:30)
41. Can Lamar Odom redeem himself? (43:23)
42. Do the Knicks have the best starting frontcourt? (45:57)
43. Will Luol Deng once again lead the league in minutes played per game? (47:25)
44. What’s been the worst move of the NBA offseason? (49:10)
45. What will Mike Miller hurt first? (53:22)
46. Who is the best backup point guard in the league? (54:41)
47. Outside of the Heat, Thunder and Lakers, which team has the best shot at winning the championship? (57:13)
48. How many Brooklyn Nets games will Beyoncé attend? (1:00:25)
49. Will “Linsanity” “lift off” in Houston? (1:02:58)
50. Which player will take the biggest step forward this season? (1:07:15)


51. Will more than three Atlantic Division teams make the playoffs? (3:45)
52. Will Nicolas Batum live up to his four-year $45 million dollar contract? (6:26)
53. Who will win Skeets’ favorite award, Most Improved Player of the Year? (11:11)
54. Here’s a question we’ve never heard before: Are the Spurs done? (14:01)
55. GIMME SOME RAPTOR NEWS! What’s your prediction for Jonas Valanciunas? (17:45)
56. What will cause Mark Cuban to flip out this year? (21:03)
57. What’s your fantasy basketball team name? (23:56)
58. Will Rasheed Wallace lead the league in technicals? (26:06)
59. Who will Tom Thibodeau kill first — Nate Rob? Radmanovic? Belinelli? (28:04)
60. You have the third pick in your fantasy draft and LeBron and Durant have already been selected. Who do you choose? (30:25)
61. Is Andrew Bynum a franchise player? (32:56)
62. Last year was all about the hipster glasses; what’s this season’s next big fashion trend? (35:59)
63. Which nickname will Tas force down the throat of the B.J. Army this year? (39:20)
64. Seriously, is Rodrigue Beaubois good or not? (42:15)
65. Of all their white guys, who is the “whitest” player on the Timberwolves? (45:15)
66. What’s one ’11-12 playoff team that’ll end up in the lottery? (46:46)
67. Who takes more shots — Carmelo Anthony or Kobe Bryant? (49:16)
68. Which Earl will have the best season — Clark, Watson, Barron, or Smith? (51:56)
69. Which coach will get the first pink slip?(54:07)
70. Can the Nuggets live up to their “on-paper” expectations? (56:30)
71. Who is the Sixth Man of the Year? (59:12)
72. Will Kevin Durant win his fourth straight scoring title? (1:01:39)
73. Who will Metta World Peace cold cock this season? (1:05:01)
74. Which team has the league’s deepest bench? (1:06:40)
75. Will the Lakers win 70 games? (Metta World Peace has them down for 73.) (1:09:30)


76. Who won the James Harden trade? (2:59)
77. Who will be this season’s Rookie of the Year? (17:15)
78. What’s the most overrated team going into the season? (20:25)
79. Which teammates are least likely to get along? (22:51)
80. Create the perfect Dunk Contest: Who’s your one “must invite” dunker? (25:58)
81. Which is the most difficult team to forecast? (32:24)
82. Will Steve Nash allow MWP to be in his viral videos? (35:07)
83. What should Stan Van Gundy do now that he’s been taken off ESPN’s Countdown? (37:05)
84. Is Roy Hibbert the funniest player in theleague? (39:54)
85. Who is the best available free agent left on the market? (41:30)
86. Somebody call Rick Kamla! Who’s your fantasy basketball “late round sleeper?” (43:00)
87. Will Tracy McGrady ever play in the NBA again? (46:45)
88. Who will lose their signature hair first: Anthony Davis’ eyebrows or Harden’s beard? (48:16)
89. Is Dwight Howard the league’s biggest villain? (49:24)
90. What “pun-tastic” N.Y. Post headline are we most likely to see? (51:21)
91. Can anyone unseat JaVale McGee as the league’s biggest “knucklehead?” (53:30)
92. Which team got better, not by who they added, but who they lost? (55:44)
93. What will Skip Bayless get irrationally mad about this season? (57:17)
94. Who’s your social media MVP? (59:06)
95. What’s this year’s most heated rivalry? (1:02:04)
96. Which team will rattle off the league’s longest winning streak? (1:03:50)
97. Fill in the blank: I hope that ____________________. (1:04:53)
98. Who will be the biggest name traded this year? (1: 07:15)
99. Will the Grizzlies win 50 games this season? (1:08:27)
100. Make a bold statement about the upcoming season. (1:09:47)
101. Who will win the 2012-13 NBA title? (1:12:30)