You asked for ‘em; you got ‘em.

Here’s a quick rundown of the 101 questions we tackled, in order, on The Basketball Jones’ four-part NBA season preview podcast. Specific time cues also included. (Thanks, Matty O!)


1. Which West lottery team has the best shot at the playoffs? (5:14)
2. Which fan base is going to hate their new signing the most? (11:44)
3. Which player will have the best chance at recording a 5×5 game? (15:03)
4. Which team will lead the league in alley-oops? (17:31)
5. Who will win the “Battle of the Boroughs” — Knicks or Nets? (19:03)
6. Who will win Defensive Player of the Year? (22:22)
7. Should the Kings extend Tyreke Evans’ contract? (24:44)
8. Will Rondo average 20 points or more per game this year? (27:42)
9. Which regular season game are you most looking forward to? (31:15)
10. Which East lottery team has the best shot at the playoffs? (34:10)
11. Who will win Coach of the Year? (38:32)
12. Would you rather have — DeMarcus Cousins or Greg Monroe? (40:48)
13. Will James Harden be traded this year? (44:19)
14. Who will be the worst team in the league? Is it still the Bobcats? (48:14)
15. Which player has the best shot at preventing LeBron from repeating as MVP? (50:09)
16. Who plays moregames — Dwight Howard or Andrew Bynum? (53:30)
17. Who will be the first player to be fined for flopping? (54:45)
18. Will Jose Calderon be traded this season? (And where will he end up?) (57:55)
19. Who has the best new uniform? (1:00:15)
20. Is Dirk done? (1:02:30)
21. Can a Monta Ellis / Brandon Jennings backcourt work in Milwaukee? (1:05:17)
22. Who is the “weirdest” player in the NBA? (1:08:14)
23. Will the Jazz trade any of their big guys? (1:11:05)
24. How many threes will Blake Griffin make? (1:14:44)
25. Who is the best point guard in the NBA? (1:16:52)


26. Would you rather be Corey Brewer or Ronnie Brewer? (4:19)
27. Is John Wall a franchise player? (7:05)
28. Who will have a better season: Ray Allen on the Heat or Jason Terry on the Celtics? (10:32)
29. Which player will Blake Griffin “Mozgov?” (14:04)
30. Which player looks weirdest in his new uniform? (17:12)
31. What was the best trash talk of the summer? (19:23)
32. What’s your top League Pass team? (22:04)
33. Will Brandon Roy be an All-Star? (23:23)
34. Are the Pacers the Heat’s biggest threat in the East? (28:29)
35. Best move of the NBA offseason? (29:58)
36. Who will perform at the NBA All-Star Game Halftime Show in Houston? (33:16)
37. Will the Hawks be better this year without Joe Johnson? (35:26)
38. Who will be this season’s Lamar Odom — AKA “Least Improved Player of the Year?” (37:26)
39. Who will have the worst haircut in the NBA? (40:04)
40. Who will be the league’s new Brian Scalabrine? (41:30)
41. Can Lamar Odom redeem himself? (43:23)
42. Do the Knicks have the best starting frontcourt? (45:57)
43. Will Luol Deng once again lead the league in minutes played per game? (47:25)
44. What’s been the worst move of the NBA offseason? (49:10)
45. What will Mike Miller hurt first? (53:22)
46. Who is the best backup point guard in the league? (54:41)
47. Outside of the Heat, Thunder and Lakers, which team has the best shot at winning the championship? (57:13)
48. How many Brooklyn Nets games will Beyoncé attend? (1:00:25)
49. Will “Linsanity” “lift off” in Houston? (1:02:58)
50. Which player will take the biggest step forward this season? (1:07:15)


51. Will more than three Atlantic Division teams make the playoffs? (3:45)
52. Will Nicolas Batum live up to his four-year $45 million dollar contract? (6:26)
53. Who will win Skeets’ favorite award, Most Improved Player of the Year? (11:11)
54. Here’s a question we’ve never heard before: Are the Spurs done? (14:01)
55. GIMME SOME RAPTOR NEWS! What’s your prediction for Jonas Valanciunas? (17:45)
56. What will cause Mark Cuban to flip out this year? (21:03)
57. What’s your fantasy basketball team name? (23:56)
58. Will Rasheed Wallace lead the league in technicals? (26:06)
59. Who will Tom Thibodeau kill first — Nate Rob? Radmanovic? Belinelli? (28:04)
60. You have the third pick in your fantasy draft and LeBron and Durant have already been selected. Who do you choose? (30:25)
61. Is Andrew Bynum a franchise player? (32:56)
62. Last year was all about the hipster glasses; what’s this season’s next big fashion trend? (35:59)
63. Which nickname will Tas force down the throat of the B.J. Army this year? (39:20)
64. Seriously, is Rodrigue Beaubois good or not? (42:15)
65. Of all their white guys, who is the “whitest” player on the Timberwolves? (45:15)
66. What’s one ’11-12 playoff team that’ll end up in the lottery? (46:46)
67. Who takes more shots — Carmelo Anthony or Kobe Bryant? (49:16)
68. Which Earl will have the best season — Clark, Watson, Barron, or Smith? (51:56)
69. Which coach will get the first pink slip?(54:07)
70. Can the Nuggets live up to their “on-paper” expectations? (56:30)
71. Who is the Sixth Man of the Year? (59:12)
72. Will Kevin Durant win his fourth straight scoring title? (1:01:39)
73. Who will Metta World Peace cold cock this season? (1:05:01)
74. Which team has the league’s deepest bench? (1:06:40)
75. Will the Lakers win 70 games? (Metta World Peace has them down for 73.) (1:09:30)


76. Who won the James Harden trade? (2:59)
77. Who will be this season’s Rookie of the Year? (17:15)
78. What’s the most overrated team going into the season? (20:25)
79. Which teammates are least likely to get along? (22:51)
80. Create the perfect Dunk Contest: Who’s your one “must invite” dunker? (25:58)
81. Which is the most difficult team to forecast? (32:24)
82. Will Steve Nash allow MWP to be in his viral videos? (35:07)
83. What should Stan Van Gundy do now that he’s been taken off ESPN’s Countdown? (37:05)
84. Is Roy Hibbert the funniest player in theleague? (39:54)
85. Who is the best available free agent left on the market? (41:30)
86. Somebody call Rick Kamla! Who’s your fantasy basketball “late round sleeper?” (43:00)
87. Will Tracy McGrady ever play in the NBA again? (46:45)
88. Who will lose their signature hair first: Anthony Davis’ eyebrows or Harden’s beard? (48:16)
89. Is Dwight Howard the league’s biggest villain? (49:24)
90. What “pun-tastic” N.Y. Post headline are we most likely to see? (51:21)
91. Can anyone unseat JaVale McGee as the league’s biggest “knucklehead?” (53:30)
92. Which team got better, not by who they added, but who they lost? (55:44)
93. What will Skip Bayless get irrationally mad about this season? (57:17)
94. Who’s your social media MVP? (59:06)
95. What’s this year’s most heated rivalry? (1:02:04)
96. Which team will rattle off the league’s longest winning streak? (1:03:50)
97. Fill in the blank: I hope that ____________________. (1:04:53)
98. Who will be the biggest name traded this year? (1: 07:15)
99. Will the Grizzlies win 50 games this season? (1:08:27)
100. Make a bold statement about the upcoming season. (1:09:47)
101. Who will win the 2012-13 NBA title? (1:12:30)

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  1. If question #5 would be in Family Feud, I would’ve brought my family on the board. The answer is always Chris Kaman.

  2. If question #47 would be in Family Feud, I would’ve brought my family on the board. The answer is always Chris Kaman.

  3. Part one is actually Part two….

  4. Apparently the Kevin Love injury was due to knuckle pushups he was doing at home. The more you know!

  5. -This questionare is awesome talk for watching tonight’s games with my buddies. Thanks.
    - I can’t decide wether #59 or #65 is the greatest question ever asked in history of questions.
    -I’m not sure if question #63 came out right.

  6. Just a note saying I hope that the huge eastern seaboard storm has left everyone in Toronto and all you guys at tbj unscathed and safe

  7. Love the openings on these.

  8. TSN and Sportsnet are a joke! majority of NBA TV sched is on TSN 2 and Sportsnet One? theres no hockey on, wtf are these jokers doing

  9. #93. Dwight Howard. Skip’s already on record siding with Shaq stating that Bynum is a better center. Skip will allow Nash to escape any blame in Laker failures and distribute the blame in order of 1. Dwight, 2. Kobe, 3. Mike Brown.

  10. All I want to know is where the hell were the questions about robot players and witchcraft? Man was I disappointed.

  11. You said in the first show that you had already come up with the 101 questions. However, you could not have made question #76 beforehand. What is the question you bumped? We must know the unreleased 102nd question!

  12. Is the part 4 podcast broken?
    I downloaded it last night on iTunes to listen to this morning and its some US news VOA coverage? I came to the blog to listen to it there…same thing? Am I being punk’d?

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