Feel like having a smile on your face? Sure, you do. Who doesn’t like smiling? Pretty much just Kanye West.

For the rest of us normals who love smiling, check out the New York Post’s Q&A with Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov where he was Proetic about everything from sending David Stern to Siberia to meeting his dead grandfather. It really is quite amazing.

But before you do, play a little game with me. Not in the “Saw” franchise way, but in a quick round of “Which is not an actual Mikhail Prokhorov quote?” I’ll give you five choices and you have to tell me which one didn’t come from everyone’s favorite owner.

A. “My posse usually needs another vacation after a vacation with me.”

B. “She was cool as a cucumber, as you say in English. In Russian, we say calm as a boa constrictor!”

C. On what makes an ideal mate: “Beautiful, smart, sexy and makes a mean bowl of borscht.”

D. “I just knew they should have made her naked.”

E. On who he most wants to meet: “This person called Honey Boo Boo is at the top of my list at the moment. From Moscow it looks as though the US has lost its collective mind on that.”

Answer after the jump.

The non-Prokhorov quote is D and it really comes from Mark Cuban. Pretty great to have two crazy owners in the league.