What’s up with the new set/studio?
As you may have heard, The Score was split into two entities this fall. One company, The Score TV, was purchased by Rogers Communications, a Canadian media conglomerate. The other, The Score Inc., was spun out into a new digital company. The Basketball Jones is part of this new company.

This is good news as it means that The Jones team stays intact and we can keep bringing you the high quality show and blog you’ve come to expect. Unfortunately, it also means that the studio we recorded in last year is no longer available to us as it’s part of The Score TV.

The studio we’re currently recording in is temporary for the next few months until The Score Inc. moves into its offices and we have a dedicated studio.

That being said, there are advantages to this new way of recording the show. It’s a more intimate setup, all TBJ members are on mic (which allows Trey and Leigh to be a bigger part of the show), and there are fewer technical hoops to jump through to execute new ideas. We think this new setup will allow “The Fix” to be more spontaneous, more fun, and more unpredictable.

Yes, change sucks, but give this new look a bit of time and we’re sure you’ll be as optimistic and excited about it as we are.

Can I still watch the daily show live?
Yes. You can watch TBJ record “The Fix” live at 11 a.m. EST. To find the livestream, just go to thescore.com/tbj and it’ll be embedded there around 10:45 a.m. daily.

Also, please tweet along with the show tagging your thoughts, questions and insults with #TBJ so Trey can read them on air. #BonerUp

Did I hear correctly that you deleted the iTunes Video Feed?
Yes, you heard correctly. If you want to subscribe to The Basketball Jones on iTunes (and we suggest you do), you must use the AUDIO feed. This means that if you currently subscribe to the video feed, you must switch to the audio feed. Thanks!

Will “The Overdose” also be available on Grantland this season?
Not to start with, no. (Just another reason you’ll want to subscribe to our iTunes feed.)

What’s your schedule?
Monday – Thursday: “The Fix,” live at 11 a.m., archived soon after on the blog/iTunes
Friday: “The Overdose,” up around 12 p.m., posted to the blog/iTunes

What’s your flavor?
Easy, Craig David.

Will Skeets and Tas still be hosting “Court Surfing” on The Score?
No, “Court Surfing” is part of The Score TV side, which is now a different company (see above). Also, if you’re not from Canada, don’t worry, you never got “Courtsurfing” anyway.

What can I expect from the TBJ blog?
Tired of change? Fear not, the TBJ blog is staying the same. Same one-stop hub for all your NBA news filtered through the warped mind of Trey Kerby. We also continue to have great contributors bringing unique perspectives to the blog. Expect to see regular offerings from Andrew Unterberger, Dennis Velasco, Scott Carefoot, Seth Rosenthal, Graydon Gordian, Shea Serrano, and Chris Gethard.

Want more Jones?
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You twats on Twitter?
Yes. Check it:

J.E. Skeets — @JESkeets
Tas Melas — @TasMelas
Trey Kerby — @TreyKerby
Leigh Ellis — @LeighEllis
Jason Doyle — @TBJdir
Matt Osten — @TBJprod

Last question, what’s the best way to get in touch with you?
Email: tbj@thescore.com