On today’s season premiere of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas breakdown the start of the NBA’s 2012-13 season.

Topics discussed include the Heat’s championship banner and rings, LeBron’s cramps, the Celtics’ defense, KG snubbin’ Ray Allen, Jeff Green’s Odom syndrome, whether the Lakers’ Princeton offense needs to go, Dwight Howard’s free throws, the scrappy Mavs, and must-watch Kyrie Irving. All that, plus a new studio, lengthy NBA Halloween jerseys, the next Gilbert Arenas, Whoa Boy, Trey Kerby with your live tweets, and more.


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  1. I miss the smooth tunes before last years episodes

  2. Elevator music is the only music

  3. Says Video not available… Someone else getting that? Or has it something to do with me being in Germany?

    I need my Fix!

  4. Love the new studio, but it makes me want to turn to the show on my XM radio.

  5. Watching in Iceland without a hitch. Love the new setup. The bow tie really “ties” the room together.

  6. awww… i miss the ol’ set up with Trey of the to side like he’s Higgins from Late Nite with Jimmy Fallon (great show btw)
    The old set up had more of a classic talk show look. very pro.
    Im an uber casual guy but its reassuring to see you guys look pro.

  7. What happened to the old studio?

    • +1
      Why did you switched? Is it temporary?

    • Just a guess, but The Score sold off it’s television department and the digital department is staying independent. So the sweet TV-style studio is probably gone with the part that was sold off.

  8. What about Brian Reeves? True farmer quality.

    • Yeah, good call! I just looked it up and couldn’t believe that Reeves retired only a year after Hornacek.
      (PS It was my AMA question so thanks for the shout-out Skeets. Trying to figure out a non-lame way to brag about it to friends and family. Difficulty Level: the AMA was held smack-dab in the middle of my workday.)

  9. Woody Harrelson’s AMA is a joke because it is believed that he did not actually do it- it was someone working for his movie’s press team that was just trying to pump up the publicity for a movie he was working on. There was also a really controversial story about Harrelson and he checked out after that.

  10. You wanna eat dogshit?

  11. I only caught the last 5 minutes. When will the entire show be available?

  12. What a step backwards. Last year’s was legit, this look terrible. You went from being the Heat to being the Bobcats set-wise.

  13. wooohooo! The NBA and TBJ’s back!!!

    Only caught the show towards the tail end… couldn’t wake up…
    My only gripe is that that one camera that showed Trey, Skeets and Tas was shaking – Cloverfield all over again.

    Look forward to seeing more NBA action and you guys live, if I can wake up in time. Keep it up! (Not the woody, Tas).

  14. iTunes link coming?

  15. Love that you guys are back, but I miss the open look of the old studio. This feels claustrophobic. What happened?

  16. I like the old set as well. I was hoping to visit Toronto one day and try to stand on the street with an inappropriate sign or something.

    • Actually, now that I’ve finished the episode, I think the new studio works because it gives Leigh the opportunity to “Kate the episode.” — Brilliant new segment.

  17. Tas having a baby, wait you’re married!!!!

  18. whoa fucked up the opening sequence, music-fade-in wise… where’s the smooveness JD (or whoever does that?)^^
    as for the studio, I second the opinion that it’s kinda claustrophobic and more importantly too dark! the old studio captured the light-hearted mood of TBJ so much better IMHO. but whatever, the main thing is that you’re BACK! YEAH! sweet (world).

  19. Another vote for the old studio as well. More fun, less need for camera to cut and bob so much.

    Looks like a certain Trey Kerby showed up with some after-effects of the offseason. I’m sure he’ll play himself into shape though. No big deal.

    The more important question is whether MattyO’s big face will be appearing regularly on the monitor behind them to complete the Pee Wee’s Playhouse kind of feel.

  20. More Tray Kirby is never a good this, replace him with Leigh.

  21. I saw some users from here that have join the new NBA fantasy website
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    p.s i don’t have any Laker on my team!!

  22. So no being able to download the videos anymore huh?

  23. Guys, Love the costumes.. haha

  24. For me the new set-up is better. I listen while at work, so this kind of format works better for me. I am almost certainly the only one, but still, I like it.

  25. Oh, and Skeets you look exactly like Bill Nye.

  26. Oi! cheating!^^ the horse-duck-question is actually from Archer’s AMA DVD bonus… see here:

    can’t wait for the new season.

  27. Danny Granger is a good call by Trey. I think Skeets and Tas took a wrong approach to the question, the players you guys named are not all nba/all stars as of yet. Whereas Iverson, Tmac and Gil were for many years, the first two at least.

    I would have to go with Carmelo, volume shooter, all NBA, we still look at him as a future HOF who is destined for success eventually. Just like deep down we all felt Iverson and Tmac would someday get theirs. However if Stat keeps falling apart, the Knicks don’t put it together and the years go by all Melo will have is a majority of first round exits, hel get old, keeping shooting and become like the aforementioned. Excuse my grammar.

    • P.s. I have faith in the new studio these guys will be killing it in a few episodes, YOU DO YOU TREY.

  28. Trey Kirby needs to be demoted. Not all is bad though, as I like the new studio. Good job Skeets and Tas.

    • I think the only reason the new studio works is BECAUSE we get more TK, and some Leigh Ellis in the end.

      • No, Trey Kirby sucks.

        • Your spelling sucks.

          • I think misspelling your last name is a more forgivable transgression than you raking your family name through the mud with the terrible job you do on this show.

        • I think Trey is a sharp basketball commentator and has a wicked sense of humor. Also a pretty impressive command of Basketball trivia. The Jones is better off with Trey in the fold and Skeets, Tas and Trey are doing a great job with the show this season. last 4 shows were some of the best work on any basketball blog anywhere!

  29. The only thing I like more than the new studio is when facebook unveils a new design.

  30. A lot of the answers to your questions can be found here:


  31. Great show guys! I think the Mavs deserve more credit for the Lakers horrible game though. I like Porltand’s chances tonight! This studio looks like a closet though or a bomb shelter. The energy was great but the lighting sucks. Sorry Trey..you might be the same weight as last year but you should definitely get off the soda pop and into the gym. I think Mike Brown is on the hot seat and after getting swept in preseason and losing at home in the opener, they didn’t look like they’re scaring anyone in the west.

  32. hey guys, just wanted to ask if u can upload the video to something other than youtube? it’s blocked here in china and it’d be cool to watch the vid instead of listening to the audio. gj as always

  33. The new set looks like a holding cell on the Death Star.

  34. I wouldn’t be surprised if Russell Westbrook’s productivity falls off a cliff around 30, 31.

  35. I love the new video format. Video with the quality of the audio podcast. I’m not a fan of all the extra goofy stuff you put into last year’s video show. This was straight basketball talk, and I loved it!

    I’m surprised Lee didn’t rate you guys on who had the better “body” at the end.

  36. I think James Harden is due to go the way of T-Mac. Promising shooting guard, gets traded to Houston (!) and is tasked with rescuing a team in the dumps. Plus, he is sort of reckless on his drives where he can clash knees easily.

  37. No mention of Dion-asaur Waiters and Dion-amite first game?

  38. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGNUco3mmk0

    Lebrons shoes got their own anthem… throwback!

  39. Great show, new look is the balls.

    Lakers were awful on offense. Nash looked like Mike Penberthy out there…literally

    Brown should have seen what Terry Porter did to Nash and see that a square peg doesn’t fit in a round hole. I’m a massive Suns fan, and it saddens me that
    a) The Lakers have Nash, and
    b) they completely underutilise his skillset.

    cheers for New Zealand


    shit got real right there

  41. Why so much hate towards TK?

  42. dont like the new studio. I always enjoyed seeing the traffic in the backround.
    But i guess as long as you guys are there, it will be fine!

    Oh and props to Kerbs. Dont listen to these haters.

  43. if I may chip in – I personally miss the street view and the other big downgrade is the lack of wide shoot – too many close ups. I’d like to see the reaction of the rest when one of you is speaking. Nevertheless keep up the good job.

  44. Not really diggin the new studio but I’ll get used to it.

  45. Great to have you back guys.Was a bit of a shock to see you in the new studio, but most times I wind up watching the start then just listening to the audio while I do other work, so no biggie. Don’t let the haters get you down.

    Bat on.

  46. i miss the random traffic background and at first all the camera cuts annoyed a little bit, but i like the new setting for trey, he always felt awkward to me in the old setup and overall the new getup was fine except that we couldn’t see osten’s sly smile.

  47. Re: Book off payoffs… nothing ever topped the shark costume.

  48. Great to have you guys back! The new setup took me about 10 minutes to get used to but I like it, gives you more of a casual, conversational vibe. Looking forward to watching for the rest of the season.

  49. Terms of all stars destined to fade away quickly, has to be Amare, though pretty much has already happened.

  50. I like this must better than the old studio if only because it eliminated that weird sliding camera thing that was incredibly distracting. I also never hate more Trey.

  51. nice to see that no one really cares about the book offs :D
    and really, I mean… meh. they were nice and all, but whatever. do yer thing.

    looking forward to todays show already! maybe the janitor will let you out of the basement at some point during the season.

  52. nba player who looks like a farmer – big country bryant reeves

  53. Love that you guys are getting more of the team involved now, I’ve been digging that over the summer with the Olympic episodes and the Blank Jones so great to hear a more Overdose type of vibe going on. The cameras in the new studio need some work tho, the bouncing around was making me dizzy.

  54. Personally I prefered the old studio set up, but hey…
    I’m the kind of guy that enjoyed even back in the day when you shot out of the apartment.
    It’s ok, setwise I guess, for what is basically a cramped audio booth.
    Probably will just take some time to get use to.

    Also with the sole intention of being constructive and not otherwise, but the handheld on the wider shots was kind of jarring to watch at times.
    It might be a bit tight in the smaller studio, but even a locked off tripod wide would be just fine, at least for me..

    And feel free to stop me here from film school nerdyness/stage direction, but wouldn’t it make a bit more sense if Tas and Trey switched positions?
    With Trey next to the “big board” and potentially putting stuff up on screen there and then Tas and Skeets covered in the same two shot?
    Also that way Skeets and Tas could be closer together without a screen in the way?

    Great show as always guys.

  55. Great show guys, I dont understand how the Kate scale works but I like it. I am kicking myself for just findinging you guys at episode 880, but just what I needed as ESPN no longer does a daily NBA podcast and I need to get my fix somewhere. some comments from the 101 questions episode and I agree that calling a timout after a timeout because you cannot inbound the ball should be a turnover. also Technical fouls should also count as personal fouls and its Q1 of the season but,
    5 in 5 categories players – Tim Duncan, Russell Westbrook,
    Coach of the Year – Mike Woodson
    I would choose Greg Monroe
    MVP – if the Knicks win Carmelo, Tim Duncan, LeBron James
    Most out of place in a new jersey – Jeremy Lin
    League Pass – Minnesota or Golden State
    Worst Move – Lakers not getting Phil Jackson
    Techs – Kobe, or Cousins
    6th man – Ramon Sessions, Mike Dunleavy, Jarrett Jack, Ryan Anderson
    ROY – Damian Lillard, Dion Waiters, Anthony Davis,

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