Ep. 861: Baller

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On today’s episode of “The Fix,” Skeets, Tas, and the guys recap an action-packed night in the NBA. Topics discussed include James Harden’s Rockets debut, Omer Asik’s screens, the new-look Raptors, David West, the Lakers’ disinterested defense, Eric Bledsoe, Damian Lillard’s ROY chances, and T.D. vs. A.D. All that, plus Trey’s game-winner, and a new segment called, “Who Rapped It?” featuring “Chuck D-League.” (Um … Leigh.)


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Comments (46)

  1. Man, Valencia was killing it last night for a big Euro debut. Toss in the inevitable midseason viral sext we can expect from him and you’ve got a ROTY candidate.

  2. Best Melas quote ever? I’m leaning towards yes.

  3. Man, the last 10 minutes of that episode just absolutely killed it.

  4. There HAD to be technical issues when Chuck D-League makes his debut? Shame.

  5. You guys are great! Love the show. BIG QUESTION: Do Lakers have the worst bench in the NBA? Do the Clippers have the best bench? Does a big bench awesome bench outweigh the best starting 5 in the case of the Lakers v. Clippers?

    • Lakers, yes, worst bench. Clippers? Maybe, depends on how good some of their older players are (i.e. Grant Hill without the magic of the Suns training staff, Chauncey Billups if he has to come off the bench, etc.)

      A big/awesome bench can outweigh the best starting five in the regular season, but when it comes to the playoffs, it tends to be the team with the best couple of players.

  6. great episode! maybe kate moss is a little harsh… but what can you do, katers gonna kate.

  7. Chuck D-League is awesome.

  8. Good show guys! Lowrey impressed me last night. The thing that bothers me across the board in the media is every story saying the Lakers lost a game and none saying the Blazers kicked their butt! I watched that game and believe me, the Blazers came to play. Lillard’s debut was amazing and some of his turnovers came from guys like Leonard dropping his passes which have a lot of zip on them. The kid is off the charts for a rookie point guard. The whole team contributed on both ends of the court. James Harden was a beast last night! That was freaking amazing as well! Eric Gordon should get booed in New Orleans. Old Kobe at least plays with a sore foot but Gordon needs to show up for the money he’s getting.

  9. Chuck D-League should make regular appearances. Plus no one likes condensed anything.

  10. Nothing to do with this episode but I just realised the perfect comparison for Matty-o: Bud Bundy from Married with Children. I mean, right?

  11. Great episode! The intrasquad critique is fantastic. Can’t wait to hear more Chuck D-League in the future.

  12. Nice Kendrick Lamar/Good Kid reference there to start the whole thing off.

  13. @Tas, Stefanski actually was a GM – for the sixers #factcheck

  14. Dude, Tas, have you really seen someone laugh and barf at the same time? I’m curious…

  15. I see Trey chose to wear “slimming” colors today.

  16. I think Jose is back in his natural role, one of the best players off the bench. He was most aggressive during the T.J. Ford and shortly after. He seems to have that fire again playing behind Lowry.

  17. Kate Beckinsale for the show, thanks to Chuck D-League.

  18. Re: Tas’ rounders updates: yes they are just as boring

  19. Leigh rapping sounded awesome.

  20. new listener, you guys are entertaining and a good listen. would love for these to be longer if you can. makes my afternoons more enjoyable.

  21. Has the opening song to The Fix changed ever so slightly? Less of an inflection at one point.

  22. Can I just start by saying, I’m a massive fan of TBJ, massive, massive fan.
    However, and it hurts me to say this, half of today’s episode was shithouse as best.
    Love a rounders update, but the rec league basketball just fell flat – not too big an issue.
    In saying that, it seemed like award winning material compared to the rap game.
    That was fucking hopeless.
    TBJ works cause you guys have a laugh etc and it ain’t too highbrow, but seriously don’t go gimmicky – you’re better than that.
    Tas is the funniest prick getting around – he doesn’t need gimmicks to create humour.
    You don’t have to change anything, the show works as is.
    Only other complaint, as a fellow Australian, it also hurts me to say this, but please have less of Leigh.
    When he keeps it to basketball he has a great knowledge of the game and makes some real interesting points but when he’s ‘freestyling’ for want of a better term, he comes up amazingly short.
    Let’s be honest, the bloke really struggled throughout the Blank Jones before coming good in the season predictions shows.
    Most of the times you blokes are just laughing at his accent or some sad story about him trying to get a root as a teenager. Keep it to basketball Leigh.
    Anyway, seriously love the show, llove it, listen every day – would just hate to see you caught up in any more gimmicks.
    As I said before – you’re way better than that.

    • I think it’s pretty obvious, but just in case anyone on the actual TBJ Team goes into panic mode over this, I’m almost certain that this guy’s criticisms reflect the views of an overwhelming minority of your listeners.

      Love the new format, and especially love the light-hearted stuff at the end. Judging by the comments today, most agree.

      Great show, TBJ.

      • Yup, this man is an island.

        He’d be lucky to get a job cleaning toilets in Leigh’s McDonald’s.

        • So weird so many people feel compelled to drop incredibly lame calls following some slight criticism!

          TBJ obviously has a strong community following it.

          An incredibly unoriginal and unimaginative community but a strong one all the same.

          “Lucky to get a job cleaning toilets” WTF?

          Ha so strange.

          Just to reiterate, I’m a massive fan of the show, huge fan, I listen every single fucking day.

          I just thought the rap game sucked, a bit more basketball chat in it’s place would have been my preferred option.

          In saying that, I may be in the wrong, seems that segment struck a chord with a few piss funny guys.

    • Wow, Dick Payne definitely deserves a hearty “cool story bro”.

    • Richard Payne……more like Richard Lame

      Don’t listen to this guy TBJ. Absolutely fantastic pod today.

      • Haha Maddog you poor, poor dickhead.

        No wonder you don’t use your own name old son (your parents didn’t call you Maddog did they?) that’s shithouse.

    • agree basketball update fell flat and the rapping was gimmicky

      disagree on leigh being weak in the blank jones, some great stuff throughout IMO

      • Don’t get me wrong Kev, I like Leigh and find him amusing for the most part.

        I think cause some of his laughs are generated by the fact he has an Aussie accent grates on me maybe?

        I might just have some repressed Aussie convict issues coming back from the past.

        In saying that, banging on about the clean McDonalds was, and remains, pretty funny whenever he brings it up.

        I just think he sounds so much more confident and really interesing when his main focus is basketball.

        He certainly has a good understanding of the NBA.

        Now you’ve had the temerity to agree with me I’d watch out for some piss funny zingers from ol’ mate Mehmet and Maddog at your expense.

        Real creative guys, the pair of them.

  23. And a pun to top it off: What’s the worst kind of pain you can have? Obviously, Dick Payne.

  24. Haha to think my names being ridiculed by a man named Mehmet…well I never.

    I love it how at 10.04pm you gave me a cool story bro, then at 10.04pm you fire off your witty ‘pun’.

    It only took a further two minutes for you to come up with a ‘joke’ it takes most five year olds less than five seconds to make.

    Not the sharpest tool in the shed, are we Mehmet?

    • The second time should read 10.06pm.

      Who knew stupidity could be caught through the internet!

      • Dude, calm down….
        Not a big fan of the rapping game either, but responding to insults with insults is probably not the way to go.

  25. I don’t understand the bottom of the Kate system – is Kate Moss bad or just poor relative to the other Kate’s?

    I feel like there needs to be a piss-poor Kate, just in case. Gosselin?

  26. That episode was a Kate from Lost. Solid

  27. wow, real strong start to the season there fellas. somehow still amusing.
    someone needs to ease up on dropping the raptor news bit, as well as all other bits.

  28. great episode. i think the new studio is making things a bit more overdose-like, and that’s a good thing.

    though i really miss seeing the beer store truck drive past.

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