Being an NBA coach is hard, especially if you’re in the first week of your first head coaching job at any level, just like Orlando Magic head guy Jacque Vaughn. That’s why, I’m guessing, the Magic’s official website took to the internet to poll their fans on who should be the team’s primary backup point guard. Because really, why else does this exist?

Sure, neither E’Twaun Moore nor Ish Smith have really established themselves in the league, so I can see why the team might like a little outside influence. However — and call me crazy if you want to — but I’m of the opinion that the head coach should be the guy who picks the backup point guard. And furthermore, you would think the website would support them and not try to tell them what to do and/or not create dissent among the organization and its fans.

Let’s say Jacque Vaughn picks Ish Smith as his backup PG and the fans pick E’Twaun Moore on this poll (he’s winning right now, with 59 percent of a whopping 709 votes). I’m sure Vaughn will completely ignore this poll, which he should, but isn’t it weird that the Magic themselves would be encouraging and supporting their fans to disagree with their coach? I certainly think so.

Whatever though — it’s the Magic backup point guard position, so who cares? I just voted for Moore because he grew up near my mom’s hometown and we share a birthday month. When you’re picking a backup point guard for one of the league’s worst teams, any reason to pick a player is a good one. At least there’s no write-ins, otherwise I’m sure Jeremy Lin would be on his way to Orlando to spell Jameer Nelson.

(via SportsGrid)