You hate to see this sort of thing happen in a rookie’s debut. That fog machine was all ready to make a great first impression on the league after a solid career down in the amateur ranks — mostly haunted houses, but also some high school theater here and there — but then went and completely embarrassed itself in its first professional game. Tragic. At least the fans got some “P.Y.T.” out of it.

(via SLAM)

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  1. Tim Hortons in D-Town!

  2. All those people mopping up after the fog machine takes me back to when Patrick Ewing was at the foul line. Puddles man, Puddles.

  3. Such a Detroit thing to happen.

  4. I love the referee making the “turn it off” gesture.

    Apparently he thinks that the man running the machine was just trying to start a new variation of basketball where everyone has to play in fog.

  5. The largest Non-Micahel Beasley smoking hazard in the NBA

  6. So the pistons were picking up Skeets idea about that foam party to fill the seats or what?

  7. *in Prince voice* Game. Blouses.

  8. Did you see the way Fog Machine walked right past Lawrence Frank and put itself in the game? That was pretty cool.

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