Rudy Gay sure picked a bad time to turn in to one of those toys that collapses when you push the button on the bottom. I mean, pretty much any time is a bad time to turn in to one of those, but when you’re guarding another basketball player has to be one of the worst. Or at the very least, most embarrassing.

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  1. If Ray Allen left his toilet man bag in the Boston locker room and had to go get it, dressed in his Heat CHAMPIONS! jacket,

    I’d rather be him than Rudy Gay.

  2. Such a bizarre ankle-breaker. He moves one of his legs to counter the move pretty well but the other leg pretty much just says “Screw this!” and just gives out underneath him.

    This was pretty much the prototypical good Jamal game though. Lots of points and pretty much no other contributions. The man just gets buckets and not much else.

  3. Best ankle breaker in the game, period! Love the crowds *POP*!

  4. I’m embarrassed for his family.

  5. Well since he is SOOO embarrassed, ship him to Toronto with Josh Selby for Caldron and Landry fields, and we will get them Klieza for free!

  6. Jamal got handles!!!

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