Join The Jones on the sonic journey that is The Overdose!

On today’s season debut of the O.D., The Jones break down their (very) early season surprises, take back some of their preview predictions, assess the draft class of 2009′s contract extensions (DeMar, Curry, Lawson, etc.), and share their favorite David Stern moments, including a story about meeting him in a bathroom.

All that, plus the Eric Gordon mess in New Orleans, Durant’s restaurant, Leigh’s Twitter shout-outs, “Saved by the Bell” episodes, and Kevin Garnett wins the dishonor of the 2012-13 season’s first Wanker of the Week.


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  1. “Kevin Garnett wins the dishonor of the 2012-13 season’s first Wanker of the Week.”


  2. Wow. People actually read these write-ups?

    • of course people read ‘em. with an audio show that you listen to e.g. on your laptop, what are you gonna do, stare through the screen all the time? at some point you just read the notes because your eyes want to be involved too^^

      • Trying closing your eyes, man. Really get lost in this sonic journey.

        • Why don’t you guys film the Overdose?

          • Because I like to wear women’s clothing while recording The Overdose. You know, “Casual Fridays.”

        • I tried to do it, but it was really hard to get the file to start with my eyes closed since I couldn’t find the play button. also, I accidentally deleted all my music in the process, that’s when I decided to never close my eyes again ever. which, yes, hurts at times, but at least I won a lot of stare down battles since then.

    • I actually don’t. But I read the comments. And that guy wrote spoilers after it, so he became what he hated. Spoiler.

  3. Its Nash’s hair… he looks like an idiot.

  4. what did Cousins do in the game vs. Chicago to warrant a definite “he’s better than Monroe”? not that I disagree, Boogie currently is my favourite player in the league, but on Tuesday he was kinda crap.

  5. :( no Spurs vs OKC talk

    • Yeah. How in the hell did that happen?

      • OD usually doesn’t discuss game-specific talk. But I’m sure Parker/Westbrook/Spurs/Thunder will make an appearance on Monday’s show when we do winners and losers (of the extended weekend).

  6. I was hoping for Lebron v. Kobe question at the end, but I guess thats out of fashion now. Maybe you guys could choose a new rivalry to pun off, I know you liked Blake-Love, or maybe Kyrie-Rubio, or it seems like you guys really like the Monroe-Cousins comparisons. Anyways good to have the overdose back.

  7. Wheres the TP love! Best part of last night was on inside the NBA whenever they showed Tony hitting shots Charles kept saying “Hey honey, hey honey” aimed at Eva. Classic.

  8. If he was an immortal, he’d be Jae MacCleod-er.

  9. I think Crowder is overrated. I guess you could say I’m a Jae doubter.

    • ya, you could say that LOUDER… Tas, bro, this was your time to shine, even i can get a pun, and i SUCK at the pun gun game…

  10. Also, great show, guys.

  11. leigh, Sorry, i had the tweet of the week, but i forgot to send it to you. Some Dude photoshopped Jeremy lin with james hardens beard. They called it #beardsanity …. i got you next time bro @drespizzle

  12. Can you guys upload or email me the “cool story, bro” sound byte? thanks, girls.

  13. Sixers fan here & everytime I see Evan Turner I think what might have been if we had taken Cousins at #2. Probably gonna be having that thought even more now whenever I see Bynum sitting.

  14. For the Pun Gun Reloded – Where did Ron Artest meet a nude Kobe Bryant to talk shop? The Jae “Shower”.

  15. What happened to Tas in the Pun Gun? He Jae “Floundered”.

  16. Trey, the Perkins joke did play well in the states. Swell done.

  17. can we start calling $100 dollar bills FinnDogs?

  18. I like how you guys discuss the Rondo-on-Wade foul and fail to mention the history of Wade executing an MMA takedown on Rondo and fucking up his arm for a whole series, or the fact that Wade’s name is misspelled and he has a lazy eye. Also, that Brad Miller face slap was a legit dirty play, but I’m pretty sure approximately zero fucks were given about Rondo’s VICIOUS (by which i mean completely unremarkable) attack on Kirk Heinrich by anyone except whiny Bulls fans.

  19. my favourite Stern moment was his presser at the 2012 All Star Game, where he responded to a lockout-related question with “Life is a negotiation” and he topped it off with a smirk. all about that charisma.

    and here’s Stern’s cupped hand to ear .gif which is endlessly amazing:

  20. You guys lose me when you start giggling- sort of reminds me of the NFL pregame shows I can no longer watch because they suck so bad. You were much more listenable/watchable when it was just Skeets and Tas, and the shows were in the 20 minute range. Just trying to give some constructive feedback. Lose the Australian (obnoxious), cut the giggling, and go back to shorter shows.

    • the australian is indispensable sir, get over it or get lost

      • This sounds exactly like that a-hole aussie from yesterday – Dick Paine.

        I think he just changed his name and made his comments shorter today.

        The Aussie and the Yank stay in the picture goddamnit.

        • I thought the same thing^^ nice try, dick pain

          • Further to my point, loved today’s episode and especially enjoyed Leigh’s breakdown of the re-signings.

            Only issue – Dwayne Wade not KG should be WOTW!

            Does anyone not remember Wade’s cheap shots over the years?

            His shoulder on Rip Hamilton?

            Him putting that Indiana Pacer (Paul George??) into the third row of the crowd during last year’s playoffs?

            Blokes a full on grub.

        • Wrong again Norb, you unintelligible fuck.

          You’ve not only managed to mangle the spelling of my name but also the word, pain.

          PS no one gives a fuck about you and your Mum whittling away time while arguing about jackets you narcisstic prick. You sound like a wild guy.

          • I wasn’t trying to spell pain – I forgot your name was spelled with a “y.” I thought it was Paine, like Tom Paine.

            Cool “shithouse” comment below though. I will try to follow your example more in the future.

          • Apology accepted Norbster.

            Once you stop talking winter fashion with your old lady, might be time to duck down the library and swipe yourself a dictionary.

          • geez stop commenting on yourself all the time richard. are you like 16 years old? it’s the internet, no one cares! please stop turning this comment section into your personal trollhouse.

          • WTF you talking about Frenchie?

            I was simply clearing my previously untanished name of the mud flung at it by my old mate Norbs.

            Since then, Norbs apologised – I accepted and we’ve moved on.

            I dare say Norbs is probably discussing winter fashion tips with his old girl as we speak.

            That, if anything, is a clear sign that the world has returned to it’s natural order.

            Until you’re the victim of an ongoing, personal smear attack, I suggest you keep your opinions to yourself Frenchie.

            If Fry is even you’re real name….

    • “Lose the Australian”? You’re crazy. I actually would prefer to see more Leigh in The Fix.

  21. Can we just give Wade a late decision wanker of the week for his total insensitivity and self-obsession?

  22. The fact that you guys had Bills Starter jackets brings me immense joy.

    We’re talking the half-zip pullover right? Those were great but NOT a suitable winter coat, as much as I argued that point to my mother at the time.

  23. I think Houston should change their moniker to the Terrorists. Asik Lin Harden.

    • …or maybe you say that Houston has hardened the fuck up…
      Yes, I think you should do a James Harden ‘pun gun’… at least then Tas would be…way prouder…sigh…

  24. What did Garnett do? Don’t have time to listen…

  25. How did Jae Crowder feel on draft night?

    He felt Jae Prouder. He also made his mama Jae Prouder.
    He had finally silenced every Jae Doubter.
    He put his hand to his ear like Stern and yelled “Say Louder”,
    To every Jae Doubter out there.
    They were all Jae Quieter.

  26. Hey boys… Just thought I’d share What I hope is a slightly better than a cool story bro… Was engrossed in this week’s Overdose on the iPod, on way to work… (In Sydney, aus)
    I went to change lanes, noticed at the last second that there was a car where I intended to go.. Straightened the wheel at the last moment, but the other car clipped me… No big deal except I was goin 80ks an hour so my car spun around a couple times before slamming into a wall. I wasn’t badly hurt, although I had to climb out passenger seat to get out of car, as my door was buckled… And I go over to to see if the other person is ok, forgetting my iPod is still connected, which is now dangling … The iPod falls off and goes onto speaker just as I get to the other side of the freeway… And me and the other driver start our conversation with a tbj inspired chat while holding up about a hundred cars that had quickly built up. Maybe I should drive with less engaging material! Keep up the good work boys… Ps the discovery that James Harden is on the verge of superstardom is even better than Lin, in a rue basketball sense…

    • that’s such a great story that I almost can’t believe it, but as tony wilson knows, if you have to choose between truth and legend, choose the legend. therefore, legend just became the truth and I no longer have to worry. awesome^^

    • Great story! Hope you and your car are okay.

  27. So what’s with the “not all fridays” on grantland… you cross jacoby?

  28. Good show, we do have Perkins’ in Toronto Skeets, there’s one near the airport.

  29. Moving on to this weekend’s games – could we possibly have a Whoa Boy of the Weekend for … Mike Dunleavy!?

  30. i had one of those “seamless” NBA balls when they first came out – here in oz.
    I remember taking it down to the local court to play and was mobbed like an effing rock star coz of the excitement around it.
    That was my 15 minutes of fame…..

  31. You joke that “old guys” are good this year, or are back, something like that.

    When last year everyone was worried about the veterans breaking down with the compressed schedule, could the fewer games last year be giving them a boost coming into this year?

  32. What is Jae Crowder’s favourite food when on the road against the Golden State Warriors?

    SF Bay Chowder.

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