Get it? Because of memes? You get it.

But seriously, your plans are wack.

You’re going to get your winter clothes out of storage? Go see the Pacers instead. You’re thinking of mulling some cider and curling up with the new John Grisham novel? Maybe think about watching some gymnastics. You want to spend a few hours playing NBA 2K13 so your MyPlayer isn’t an embarrassment to your family name? Stop being such a nerd and go to a real basketball game instead.

For real, you need to step your weekend game up. Not for me — for Roy and McKayla. Disappointing them really hurts.

Comments (10)

  1. There’s the perfect sized space in that picture for a Pointing Trey Kerby.

  2. Good lord, he’s like twice her height. Humans truly have some differing morphology!

  3. I know she’s young but she’s kinda a babe

  4. Because who would want to miss the kings when they come to town?

  5. What’s with Roy hibbert taking picture/hanging out with short white girls?

  6. I’m hoping he puts up all star numbers in her low post.

  7. Ah reminds me of when Maroney and Kayla Ross by our/Ross’s my school, for a pep rally. Every single photo someone took with her had her looking like that… She is in a perpetual pose almost.

  8. Bro, myPlayer on 2K13 is killing me. Hes so dang inconsistant and Rondo and Jason terry dont pass him the ball.. (but when they do he shoots it)…

    My player just sucks.. sigh

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