Ballin: Well, Tony Parker hit a game-tying three with 25 seconds left AND a buzzer-beater for the win, so him. I’d also accept Kevin Durant (23 points on 18 shots, 14 rebounds, five assists and two steals) as a candidate, but Tonay Parcare gets all the baguettes he wants, as far as I’m concerned.

Not so much: Russell Westbrook went 1-4 with two fouls and three turnovers during the third quarter, which was kind of a big deal. Plus, he tried to jump the pass on TP’s game-winner, leaving him guarding absolutely no one on the far side of the court while his man was busy winning the game.

Not today: The way they were talking about him, you’d think Tim Duncan was 63 and not 36. Still, he did this to Kevin Durant.

Sometimes wiliness and really long arms can best athleticism and really long arms.

Reggie said it: Our first great Reggie Miller quote of the season — “The Spurs were, in my opinion, the most efficient NBA team last year.” Cool opinion, since facts say that they were the most efficient team in the league last year.

Surly Cue: And hey, also our first angry Gregg Popovich interview of the season.

This one was a reach. Some of his worst work, in my opinion. Seemed like he was forcing his mean-but-funny shtick a bit here. Maybe he should listen to his wife.

Funny in New Jersey: How did everyone like those new Spurs alternates? They were a little bit better on the court, since you eventually just ignored them. But they were still bad, and furthermore, it meant we were watching a color-on-color game (grey vs. blue) which is pretty rare for non-Lakers NBA games.

Career highlight No. 1: Hasheem Thabeet is back!

And now, Matt Bonner will go down in history as “The Guy Whose Legs Hasheem Thabeet Threw a Pass Through That One Time.” That’s the definition of ignominious.

Second term: Eric Maynor made one three last night and it was from very far away

Other things: Another great thing about having Hasheem Thabeet back is that he apparently has a blond hair spot in the back now … Another hair related note — Tiago Splitter’s new hair is really something … Pretty chill silver adidas on Tim Duncan’s feet last night … Oh, and Mr. Flashy over here had another wonderful dunk. I think he has medal legs … Did you guys catch Kendrick Perkins throwing the ball between his legs to Russell Westbrook after the Thunder won the opening tip? Probably learned it from Rondo