Ep. 863: The Human Victory Blunt

On today’s “Fix,” The Jones list their NBA winners and losers of the weekend. Thumbs up for the New York Knicks, Rasheed “Scalabrine” Wallace, Brandon Jennings’ game-winner, and a classy and apologetic Zach Randolph. Thumbs down for the Nets’ new mascot, Monty Williams, Rodney Stuckey, and cameramen with legs.

All that, plus the Melbourne Tigers, Kyle Lowry, milk, Andris Biedrins, and a recap of Leigh’s Kate scale.


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  1. Just firing up the episode now, but the lead-in picture already has me tumescent.

  2. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that I don’t have to see you guys, but again no video?

  3. Another loser of the weekend: Brandon Roy

    -4/17 from the field.
    -0/6 from 3.


  4. Is “technical difficulties” code for your new bosses Rogers axing your video budget?

  5. With their handling of the Blue Jays, and now this, Rogers is ruining my life.

  6. Hopefully the eating challenge won’t be an audio one :P – break out the handheld camera or something

  7. Props for the sly Community drop.

  8. Agree with Tas on the “Superstorm” designation. Feels like an “east-coast bias,” New York fabrication to me. Especially since it’s just a “tropical storm,” downgraded from “hurricane.”

  9. Does anybodies Audiofeed stop like 4 Minutes before the show ends?

  10. I’m loving the Kate Scale, Leigh. Perhaps “Kate Gosselin” could be added as a measurement for rock bottom.

  11. Katers gonna Kate – I’ve got to put Winslet a bit higher up there…

  12. Stephen Jackson’s probably the best NBA player to play in the Australian NBL, he played a handful of games for Sydney out of college, a couple of years before he made the NBA.
    I think Acie Earl is the highest draft pick to play in the NBL (19th), he played a couple of forgettable seasons for Sydney around the same time as Stephen Jackson, i think he may have even replaced him on the team

    • My vote goes to Doug Overton as the best NBA player to play in the Australian NBL. He played one glorious season in the ‘Snake Pit’ for the mighty Wollongong (then Illawarra) Hawks. He was so much better than everyone else in the league it was embarrassing and he was the best player I had ever seen in person (I was 12 at the time). He went on to have an 11 year NBA career where he was a bench player for eight NBA teams. Not as successful as Stephen Jackson, but Overton at least lasted a full season in ‘the Gong’.

      Lanard Copeland should also get a mention, just because he used to catch at least one lob from Andrew Gaze every Melbourne Tigers game, and that was great. He played for the Sixers and Clippers before going to the NBL.

      Leigh, Chris Anstey is coaching the Tigers this year.

      • Totally agree with you Joel/

        Doug Overton was the man, although he still failed in comparison to the old Hawks combo of Magic Melvin Thomas and Butch Hayes in my biased opinion, both players who never made the NBA.

        Being a passionate Hawks supporter, I used to hate every other team but had a massive soft spot for Lanard Copeland and Drewy Gaze.

        Was starstruck every time they played in the gong. Copeland and potentially also Leon Trimmingham were th first two to bring oops, mad dunks etc of NBA equivalent to the NBL.

  13. the old charlotte hornet was my favorite of the super-hero type mascots… wait, did hugo transform into super hugo?

  14. Nother loser jeff green. Plus no Kate upton???

  15. Never been a fan of Stuckey? Does this mean the statute of limitations is up on us calling you guys out for saying you’d take him over Rondo? I guess that’d be fair – I feel like that may have been 4 seasons or so ago.

  16. Andris Beidrins is now the worst player in the NBA. I say this as a Warriors fan, and Beads being one of my long time favorites. After his contract is expired, he will not play another NBA minute.
    A side note-The free throw rule seems quite unfair, especially when someone is seriously injured like that. I understand trying to prevent coaches from trying to pull some switcharoos to get better free throw shooters in and faking injuries, so why don’t they try a new rule:
    If a player is too injured to take his free throw, he must leave the game and cannot return. The replacement shooter can be chosen by the coach, but must have a lower career free throw % than the player he replaced.

    • Fellow Warriors fan. OK, the rule explains why the hell he put Andres in for 25 sec to brick 2 FT’s! Rush must shoot 10% from FT’s for them to replace with AB. I did think it was classy of Randolph to check on Rush after the injury. That blows for the rest of the season. We JUST got totally healthy

  17. Haven’t watched one minute of the magic this season , but…. I did watch every single minute Gustavo Ayon logged last year for a scrappy crappy hornets squad . Doesn’t make mistakes as soon as he hits the floor the rhythm takes him over , again haven’t seen the magic play but as a Gustavo Ayon expert I’m gonna assume their wins are a direct result of Ayons adept big to big dump passes .

    Also as a Hornets fan no mascot is a scarier than the king cake baby

    Yer right on about Monty , he’s had a hard time dealing with Eric ” titty baby ” Gordon . it’s getting to him.

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