Evidence for:

  • He looks like he is in costume.
  • Specifically, the roundness of his hair makes it look like a wig.
  • Might be getting a few final uses out of his Halloween costume.
  • From the greys, to the goatee, to the knee braces, he is basically Denzel Washington in “He Got Game.”

Evidence against:

  • He’s seriously wearing his hair like that now.
  • The scraggly greys prove that this is actually human hair.
  • Drunk Denzel Washington from “Flight” is a far more timely costume.

Verdict: Not a costume.

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(via USA Today Sports)

Comments (7)

  1. Have we ruled out a Cornel West costume yet?

  2. I love this dudes hair.

  3. These Andrew Bynum ” In Costume or Not” are priceless. Very Trey Kerbyish.

  4. lol this is great andrew bynum looks awesome

  5. As a 76ers fan I love his hair, but Trey I am surprised you did no call out his grey hairs.

    He needs to go from Touch of Gray to just the Brush in Color.

    Don’t you think? It is really bothering me every time I see a closeup of him. He is 24-25 so…

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